Nordic Ware Cute Cupcake Pan



I have this pan. It is fantastic. Works great, is incredibly nonstick. Please note it is not the GIGANTIC pan, it is a small oversized cupcake. If you have a large recipe, buy two pans and use them both!!!


Good reviews and cost nearly twice as much on Amazon.


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Anyway, real quick, same price $12.99 last two woot-offs and woot. I’ll link April woot.

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Mom, I was good at her party. Only had ONE cupcake!



“small oversized cupcake”

Uh, if a cupcake is bigger than your head, it’s way too big. This is a whole cake shaped into a cupcake. Who am I kidding, I’ll end up eating 4 of these anyway.


Didn’t Madonna use this for a bra once?


Use baking spray with flour in it such as Baker’s Joy and the cake will slide right out. After baking let it cool in the pan no more than 10 min for best results. Happy baking :slight_smile:


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I would also like to add, when you compare it to it’s more popular brother The big top cupcake house whatever thing They’re just about the same price and the reviews on this woot one are much better. Nordic Beats the competition yet again! Why settle for wimpy silicone when you can have Nordic strength?


I never understood why people link to “in the moment pricing” on Amazon? Yes it’s $23.xx today, but on April 21, it was $16.71 with free shipping ( Prime or not). So with shipping today on woot, it’s not a unique price. A deal at the moment but should not be an impulse buy.
Use camelcamelcamel along with Amazon to really check prices.


I have this pan and have used it for a few birthdays. I debated on how to frost/decorate this cake. For the wrapper part I have used almond bark to coat the inside of the pan. This created a great smooth surface for the wrapper. Just trim the cake and stick it in with some icing. The top I have used regular icing or marshmallow fondant.


I bought two last time; this pan is the perfect size should you want to recreate your own cake from your favorite Woot shirt.

(Hey, not all of us can pull off Threadcakes levels of work, y’know!)


I bought this at walmart last year and I made a MEATLOAF Cupcake with MASHED POTATO Topping and BACON Sprinkles on top! My Kids went crazy!!!


Just want to say thanks for introducing me to camelcamelcamel - at first glance, seems like a really great tool. Never knew about it.

Unless I’m missing something though, it doesn’t track shipping costs - how do you know it was free shipping back in April, Prime or not? I’ve tested it with some 3rd party items and it doesn’t seem to take their stated shipping prices into account, so I assume for Amazon orders you have to assume FSSS rules.


Did anyone else Google Omugulugwombashe after reading the write-up, just to see if a cat had run across the keyboard?


Who in the hell posts a photo like this on Amazon?

It looks like someone ate Almond Roca and then took a dump on a cupcake.

That’s not going to make me want to buy.


Genius. My hat is off to you, good sir.


I can’t wait to see the trending results for Chris Pine’s birthday…