Nordic Ware Summer Cooking

Let’s get grilling! Share your tips, product reviews, and secret to a can’t beat BBQ here!

Can’t tell BBQ secrets on a public forum…then they would no longer be BBQ secrets!

Can anyone tell me if the burger pan or burger kit really works or helps?

couple of bucks more and only 1 review on amazon.

What is the griller made of? Ceramic or metal? Can I use it on my induction cooktop?

From the “Features” tab …

"This inventive pan has seven burger cavities with raised searing grids.

A simple hand press forms the burgers right in the pan for fast, fun and fabulous results.

Made of heavy cast aluminum and nonstick coated

Warranty: 10 Year Nordic Ware"

I think it may be made out of heavy cast aluminum… (just a guess though) :slight_smile:

Either way, with that handle isn’t suitable for using on a grill unless it’s a side-burner.

At least it is American made:)