NordicTrack or ProForm?

Hello! I’m new to this forum and figured I would ask you all some questions about a future purchase I’m looking towards.

My question is whether any of you have used a particular model from NordicTrack or ProForm that works well. I was originally going for a NordicTrack since I’ve heard of them before and I found that coupon site. Then I found the other one for ProForm and just don’t know which brand or model is worth it.

I’m wanting a good price so I don’t spend too much, but also willing to spend a little bit for a better quality treadmill. Any thoughts on a particular brand or model that works well?

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Congrats on your new clothes rack!

As much as I don’t want to admit it, this will probably happen. I’ve tried for ages to keep up with a workout routine. I do good for about a month and then fall out of it. I’ve just been thinking about my health recently and realize that I need to get back into it.

we have a Nordic Track, and while we don’t use it as much as we should, we definitely do use it and got our money’s worth from it.