Nordicware Rose Bundt Pan

Tempting, though the shape isn’t my first choice. This is currently $23.10 on Amazon. I love my 3 other Nordic Ware bundt pans; the oldest is still going strong after 8 years of regular use.

Can be found at Sam’s club during the Holidays for about the same price for a pair of these, usually two different shapes. Pass

My favorite Woot write up in ages!

My MIL bought this for me at the outlet for 18. I LOVE it - never burns, it is very heavy weight. Nothing like the cheap stuff that is out there. It is difficult to grease and flour. I melt shortning and brush it in the brush out the extra. You also MUST turn out your treats before they cool too much or you won’t have the beautiful shape. This should be a no brainer if you are a baker.

Naughty Woot.

Georgia O’Keeffe has TWO fs.

I have a hard time believing that you can find two of these for the same price during any time of the year.

I am an avid bargain hunter and a professional chef. This is a great price for Nordicware bundt pans. The deal breaker for some may be the shape - it’s a very specialized shape that makes topping a finished cake limiting. (Hence the pictures of finished cakes without toppings) I prefer a glaze on my bundt (that’s what she said) but with the deep grooves in this pan you will need to “drizzle” rather than pour. Someone else has already mentioned not letting the cake cool too much before flipping out of the pan - you have to let it cool enough to set though otherwise the cake may break apart.

The no-stick coating is great and these pans are solid and heavy which make for great even baking. Special shapes equals special care though - whatever you do don’t scratch the interior surface!!

If I didn’t own two other pans with similar shape I’d get one of these at less than 15 bucks each. Great buy.

MADE IN THE USA if not this get the
Danish Ebleskiver Iron or Krumkake and Pizzelle Iron MADE IN THE USA just in case you did not know MADE IN THE USA

Great deal on Nordicware- I have two other pans and love them both- very heavy weight and even cooking. I have been wanting this pan for a while (love roses) so this is a great one for me.

where was this made again?

tempted to purchase - hesitant though b/c I can’t figure out how you would frost a cake like this.

not in CHINA

Real quick, previous woot was $5 more at $14.99

with my previous post:

You really don’t have to. My wife makes Bundt cakes all the time. Sometimes she leaves them plain, but at most she’ll drizzle some glaze over it. Frosting will lose some of the detail from the pan.