Norman Rockwell Canvases

Darn it woot! I would like to get two (because one would just be weird on my blank walls), but… grrr… bills… bills… they like being paid!

I’d love to find an original copy of the Popular Science issue that had the perpetual motion machine on the cover, and put in in a frame with the Nick Offerman tribute issue.

I’ve never purchased canvas artwork before, but is this a good deal on these works? Definitely interested in the Boy Lifting Weights (large) and couldn’t find any comparisons on EBay.

It looks to be a pretty good deal.

Had this came earlier, I might’ve bought one. Instead, last fall I got a copy of the Popular Science Perpetual Motion cover from here:

The Boy Fishing one made me zoom in. I did not see a dog but only saw a kid fishing sitting on a skull with some vertebrae from the neck attached. Then I saw the dog.