North America Discovery Tour

North America Discovery Tour

North America Discovery Tour

References explanation please.

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Was just about to get to that. =)

The idea that someone could “discover” a place that had people living there for millennia has always been funny to me. I compiled a list of several human settlements and their approximate dates prior to the arrival of Columbus, and placed them as earlier tour stops on the shirt.

The model for the shirt was a vintage Metallic tour shirt from the 1980’s (for an extra layer of history)

BTW…I kept Columbus on there as the final stop on the tour. :laughing:

The model blocks the shirt. :frowning:

I’ll upload a cleaner pic of it. I always try to block a little bit of it so the art thieves don’t repost it all over POD sites like they’ve done with my stuff in the past.

Here ya go…the blocked section is visible now. :blush:

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Why is it watermarked? Are you seriously worried someone is going steal your one-half, low-resolution image to make a shirt? LOL.

I don’t like the watermark. No sale.

Way ahead of you. I just submitted this to an Etsy store to print for me.

Remember me when you’re a bazillionaire.

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If someone wanted to steal your design, a watermark wouldn’t stop them. They’ll just draw over it. Plus, in this case, it’s mostly text, so they can just type it out themselves.

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Because I felt like it?
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