North America’s National Parks Deluxe DVD Box Set

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North America’s National Parks Deluxe DVD Box Set
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I bought 3 to give to people who wouldn’t like this kind of stuff and who I don’t care for very much on my christmas list.

good, something to slow this down a bit, I was getting dizzy

“No-semite?” Is Woot going to get some angry letters from the ADL?

I think the Woot dudes must be watching the WSOP.

Wow. Finally something that will last long that we can comment on…

Are guys cleaning out your desks or something?

One Amazon reviewer said it was bad… I was just about to buy this for my dad!

screeeeeeeeeeeech…(the sound of the woot off coming to a halt)

Pete and repeat were sitting in a boat waiting for a Gerber camping set to reappear…

yeah… those last few went by like crazy fast

Wootalyzer says this wont last long…

for the love of god, please someone buy this thing … it’s ONLY $2 !!!

Now what should we talk about, since the DVDs dont seem to interest anybody in particular?

like I said before is cheaper than actually going places

So I know the tagline was a play on Yosemite, but it totally comes across as “no Jews” if you’re in the wrong frame of mind. :-p



Woot off killer . . . zzz. . . zzz. . .

Why can’t you just rent this or watch it on Netflix?

Buy 3…use them as door stops or coasters or throw them at people you don’t like.