Northern Night

What’s with all the cat-less designs today?

There’s no cat in it? … I thought I saw a silhouette in there somewhere…

How do you cancel an order?


Grats man! Happy this was chosen.

Yeah! Loved this one as soon as I saw it. Just when you thought abstract arty tree design had been done to death.

Perfect for our Spring trip to Alaska! Love this tee!

thanks, good to hear :slight_smile:

@oakenspirit - if you stare long enough it’s actually made entirely of cats. Punk’d!

@nhilyer awesome!

Like the green; soothing to look at (not just the green).

finally, a non-cartoonish shirt pops up on woot

Black shirt. Blue ink. Stars. There’s no bad here.

The only way to make it better: -tree+cat.


Congrats to the winner :slight_smile: That starry background is painted beautifully!

Or a hoodie…Cold in the north.

or a long sleeved T… so obvious… winter = colder = long sleeves…

Arty trees beat cutesy cats any day, but this is not even a little bit what the northern lights look like.

Riff - I had to get this one - I have most of your previous winning submissions, and I soon as I saw this one I knew it was you!

awesome, thank you!

As usual, the obvious escaped me :slight_smile: Thanks for mentioning it,

It’s a black t-shirt. If I leave it around the shedster long enough it will in fact look like it’s made of cats.

…wih a zipper.

There’s long sleeve Ts for to days shirt?? I don’t see it…