Northgate 17 inch LCD Monitor with Speakers

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Northgate 17 inch LCD Monitor with Speakers

The NorthGate 7NSS 17 inch LCD is a great large-screen value with many cost-effective features. This slim, compact LCD display saves you up to 75% more desk space compared to a typical same-size CRT. A high 400:1 contrast ratio, 250-nit brightness and wide viewing angles offer great screen performance. Built in speakers and on screen display control round out the features. For the ultimate 17" LCD price/performance solution, choose the NorthGate 7NSS.


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rawr… northgate?

Official Woot Price: $269.99

I’m not in the market, but looks like a good price.


WOW, to bad it’s not like 23" that’s what i want.

Eww. Froogled for $335, but the thing has a 35ms response time and no digital input. I’ll steer clear, thanks

Too Bad I just picked up a Dell last week for the same prce

Kickass Woot!!

how is this monitor

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Not bad but not needed.

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I can’t afford this business. Good Woot though i suppose.

hrm, shitty, i have a dell 20.1 lcd 16ms 1600x1200

ill pass…

i stayed up for this?

A blazing 35ms response time?! Yea for pictures, great, motion… hellz no! Barf… Home page - Geeks

  1. no dvi
  2. doesn’t say how much response ms is
  3. 17" lcd monitors are going to drop in price,
  4. never heard of this brand

sorry woot

Someone “loan” me $270 and by “loan” I mean give