Northpoint Wireless Weather Station

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Northpoint Wireless Weather Station
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Northpoint Wireless Weather Station

Too many AAA batteries for me, pass.

Whats the lowest temperature in which this will function properly?

If you have to ask, probably not low enough. :b

Ok, so what’s up with these Sellout posts being one thing at sellout and another when you click on it?!? I clicked on a sellout link for a $450 laptop.

These things make so much sense!
… at least until they figure out a way to transmit this type of information to consumers through some magic wires to color screen. We could call it the Inter-Web and share more even than just the weather. News and products could be dispensed to the masses with such a magic device.

Anybody else see a Toshiba Notebook?

i’m so confused about the inter-operability of 2 units…

could i, for example, buy 2 units, put one by my bed, and one in the kitchen (then put the 2 transmitters elsewhere) and be able to switch between reading the transmitters easily? (and by easily, i mean without removing the battery cover or messing with dip switches)

Yesterdays woot - yahoo can be slow on updating.

I had a Radio Shack wireless station for years. It died. I looked at some new ones and they only would report down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. I can’t find this on pricegrabber to see how low it goes. -4 isn’t low enough for where I live. I also would like to find out for sure if it keeps the high / low in memory - most do, but this doesn’t say for sure.

That was yesterday’s woot. Sometimes the pic lags behind.

Instead of going to Yahoo, go to Faster and less invasive.

may i be the first to say, this epic fails at the google test

You will note that takes you to a yahoo page.
This page might be cached. When you then select the link and go to woot, you see the correct current listing.

You need to Move.

O.O ooo an excellent xmas present

On the main unit it has a MAX/MIN button( 3rd button from the top) which is what other units I have owned allowed you to check the high and low record for the units.

Or you can get 3 sets and just used 1 Main Base unit and the 3 remote units( or just 1 set and try to find additional remote units elsewhere). Look on the front of the main unit. The very bottom button ‘CH’ is to change between up to 3 remote unit ‘channels’. The remote units will have a switch, usually inside the battery compartment, to set each to a different channel. Thats what I have set up currently, 1 base with 2 remote units, though mine is a different brand.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I hate it when they (anyone, not just Woot!) calls these things Weather Stations. This is an indoor-outdoor thermometer with a clock.

A “weather station” does SOME kind of calculation or prediction, or at the very least reports additional information like barometric pressure or humidity. I Woot!ed the John Deere weather station that uses barometric pressure changes to predict (pretty accurately) what the trend will be for the next 12-24 hours, as well as tell you the temps in and out. Much better use of my money, imo.

If you live where it gets below -4 degrees, does it really matter how cold it is outside?