Northpoint Wireless Weather Station

Whatever the temperature is in my garbage can.

Looks like you’ll need a flash light too, to read it!

Is the outside part water/weather proof? I mean, it’d be silly to throw this on my apartments roof or leave it outside the balcony when I need to constantly tend to it if it’s going to rain or something.

If anyone has one of these, can you report on the transmission range and battery life of the remote unit?
I need to monitor the temperature in a crawl space so I can tune the temp setting on a space heater from upstairs. This might be just the thing to use.


The outside ones almost always are. I leave mine (an Oregon Scientific) on my outside balcony and it gets poured on some days.

Umm… This is not a weather station. This is a thermometer…

My Uniden weather phone does much more than this thing. Good price though… but still DO NOT WANT!

We have one of these, different make, same idea, and it’s really slick. It will tell you how hot or how cold it got that day, is very cool. We bought it for our motorhome, now we can tell if the weather hits freezing as we drive, so we can be more aware of road conditions.

How do I order one? I click on it through the yahoo site, and it sends me to woot. I click buy it through woot, and it sends me back to yahoo. I Keep bouncing between the two. Am I missing something?

The big “I Want One!” is a button. Click that and see what happens.


I did, and it sent me back to the yahoo site.

I’m pretty sure it can’t connect to any computer. However, me being a Meteorology undergrad, I have to say that is a cool idea.

OK. I have one. Came as a freebie with something else I bought, but there are no instructions on how to open the transmitter to put in the batteries - find a microscopic screwdriver to take off the back or use a coin in the opening in the bottom to force the from from the back . I’m afraid I’m going to break something. Also, can’t get the mode to go to the date so I can set it - just the time. I’d like to use this - any help would is appreciated!

I’d like to help but you see I bought two of these on the 11/29 and even though they have charged my credit card, our dear friends at WOOT have not seen fit to ship them.

Geesh guys, what’s up with that?


The Northpoint Wireless Wireless Weather Station will be shipping out TODAY, DECEMBER 5th, 2008. These units will be scannned and processed by 1 PMCST. WE will also be sending emails to all members of this purchase, and providing updated tracking information.We appreciate your patience while we ship these units out.

Well, mine’s been in West Virginia since 12/7…guess it’s tired from all that traveling from Texas.