Northwest Bierhaus and Wine Country Jerky

Northwest Bierhaus and Wine Country Jerky
$59.99 $88.00 32% off List Price


If my math is right, with shipping this is $8 per 4oz pack of jerky. This would be a 60% premium over the cost of jerky in my area ($5). So you have to ask yourself if this stuff is 60% better than other jerky.

I’m sure this jerky is very good but it’s $30 / pound!! It should come with some wine!

At $30 a lb, you’d have to be a jerk to buy it.!

This seems to me way too expensive for what you get. I love dried beef, but maybe if this was like three times the amount it would feel worth it.

Well, according to thier own website it really does retail for ELEVEN BUCKS so this is a ‘deal’ so to speak.

But while I am happy to see a PNW product featured, I think I will try to find some on sale locally. I do like to support local business…

Spending this much money on dried beef would make me feel really Jerky.

I love Beff Jerky.

Good jerky is expensive. We have a Beef Jerky Outlet pretty close to us and most of their stuff is $32.99 per pound. Depending on the final moisture level, making a pound of jerky can take anywhere from 2 to 3 pounds of uncooked meat. With the price of beef these days it’s not surprising what the cost of jerky is.

I believe it’s not reel beef but most likely cow as it is cheap. Beef can be the flesh of a cow, bull, or ox. Without stating on the package what type has been used, I wouldn’t buy it.

That’s dumb. Definitely real beef. It just costs too much as stated in last 10 posts. Probably awesome, and potentially well worth it for the most appreciative dehydrated aficionado.

Don’t forget that it comes via “Special Summer Shipping” …

Way to go Woop, killing the daily.

“See photo’s for nutritional information”–not only is the grammar atrocious, the nutritional information is far too small to be read in the photos. No sale for items with mystery ingredients and nutritional value.

Yeah, agree that’s hard to read. I’ll ask them to fix it for next time.

I found the Nutritional info here on their website though.

Definitely not if they add sugar to enhance the taste. That is not real beef.