Northwestern Bell Dual Handset 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Phone

No thanks WOOT!

Wake me up when they’re 5.8 jpg-flavored caller-id, and robot wives are cheap and effective…

Wonder if this will interfere with my router frequency… Guess I can’t have it too close.

Damn, 5.8 and I would have been SOLD!

hummm, wounder if it will work with my pocket pc…axim with bluetooth…
skype FTW!

HORRAY! Another device that will drop my wireless network.


nice phone, 2 links woot is hooking us up with 2 tonight.

I don’t even have a land-line phone. Cell phone only here. And I stayed up for this?

any idea if this will interfer with wifi networks? my parents have a set that raises hell with the network, i’ll definately replace them with these if they don’t cause problems. i’m gonna dig around, i’ll post if i find anything

Decent I guess. Not the best woot of all time, but I guess if you need some cordless phones, this is ok. Might also cut down on interference that other cordless phones can cause on wireless systems.

My only question regarding this phone:

What level of interactivity does the USB port allow?
I guess what I really mean is how much third-party or open source software is there available (if any)?

This woot completely confuses me.

Can these things work with VOIP? Not sure I get what good the bluetooth is.

I think woot should use these phones to call some new suppliers. Night all!

Where is the benefit of being bluetooth? I don’t get it. I have an Axim x30 w/ BT. What could I use this phone to do with it?

Bluetooth is 2.4GHz protocol. Sorry, Charlie. I got lucky to be able to snag some RF survey gear and figure out where the QUIETEST channel was for my WiFi network. Helps quite a bit, but I still get interference if I’m close to the card or router.

Who uses regular telephones any way? I thought we all had cell phones these days.


Woot always finds the big pocket crap innovation products that will never make it big.

I loved the further adventures of Bluetooth, my favorite wootcast pirate. but the chipmunks are nauseating.
If I needed phones, I would get these.

What could the range on these things be? If they’re class B BT it’s only 30feet, Class A has 300 feet but I still don’t think that’s a realistic range