Norwood Micro PCI TV Tuner Card and Remote



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Does anyone actually watch tv on their PC? Night all…I have a Sony 51" I watch tv on…


does it do HD? hows the software that comes with it?


I wonder if the IR receiver can be used by LIRC.


useless for laptop…?


How cool with this be with free cable? Cable is too expensive where I live, oh well, 'tis the American way.


say what? i don’t think my computer can handle that :X


good card, too bad i am not longer living in dorm…


Does it do winmedia center?


Decent price… Although you probably will just get it and not use it. Cable TV on a computer isn’t as exciting as it sounds.


bought mine new at comp usa for $20.00 (same exact card)

not great woot but at least not a coffee maker or a toaster.


I bought this when it was on sale locally at Comp USA for $19. No stereo output, only mono. Remote works nicely, picture quality is not bad for $19. Its ability to record video is pretty horrible. It says Mpeg4 but the recording u get from it is so horrible dno’t bother.


I wonder if more than one can be used in the same system. Many Budget HTTVs will be born tonight…


It does not do HD, otherwise it would mention it…


Portable is better… you can use it on laptop and desktop… .got one already…


Why do ‘refurbished’ products make me nervous? HMMM…


720×576 res ?

nope i’ll pass but GREAT for the avg consumer… Decent woot


well, it’ll be good for college, dont want to bring a DVR and a tv and all that stuff. Sweet first one to woot go me!


“i thought what i’d do was, i’d pretend i was one of those deaf-mutes”

I just realized, probably along with many others, that this ISN’T funny. At all.