Nostalgia CBG64 Homecraft Beer Growler

Just to make sure I’m buying the correct item. The description says Nostalgia CBG64 Homecraft Beer Growler but the image is for the Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft Kegerator. When I check the spec it says it includes the CBG64 Homecraft Beer Growler. So, I just want to know which of the two is the one that you are selling here

Have you used one of these before Lehueve? Just wondering what your experience with tabletop beer dispensers is. I was looking at the Synec, but at $400 it’s a bit rich for my blood.

No, I have never used this one before. In fact, I have never used a table top beer dispenser before.

As an earlier Wooter requested, can an admin please confirm the true product name/number being sold here?

Sorry! I emailed on Wednesday but didn’t hear back. I’m pinging them again.

UPDATE: Should be all good now. Photo was correct. Model numbers have been corrected.

Thank you!!