Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator-2 Colors

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Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator-2 Colors
Price: $349.99 - 379.99
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Solid Reviews over at Walmart

Can it be converted for guinness? (IE can it take nitrogen and CO2?)

What is this “Woot 90 day limited warranty”?
Even the manufacturer doesn’t have confidence in this product?

It could, but you would need a stout faucet to replace the tap, a tank made for beer gas (the co2/n2 mix) and a new regulator for said tank. Might cost $150-200 more

Pass. I just looked at these at the local restaurant Supply store and they were about 3 flat with similar bells n whistles

I bought this from Wayfair 2 months ago for $365 shipped, so this is a good deal. The CO2 tank is inside the fridge (not a big deal) & the temp gauge for the fridge is on the back bottom side (again, no big deal). I give it a 4.8/ 5.

I’ve had this model for about 2 years now, and pushed about 5 half-barrels through it.
It comes with a 2.5lb tank, the first thing I did was swap that out for a 5lb tank (I am still on the initial fill of the 5lb tank and I am 5 kegs in).
As a kegerator, it does its job. It keeps the keg cool, doesn’t seem to have to run that much, and it is not a power hog. My kill-a-watt records ~80 watts after the compressor has been running for a couple of minutes.
My complaints:
A) The compressor is far louder than it should be. There is no cover on the back, and since I got it I have been considering trying to make some type of steel cover with insulation. A friend who also bought this kegerator has the same issue with the loudness.
B) Not to the fault of this kegerator, but should be recognized with all tower kegerators. The beer tower is not cooled (hot air rises and there are no fans with this kegerator). This creates two issues. The first is that the initial pour of the day will be foamy as you have cold beer from the keg being pushed through warm lines. Not a big deal. The second is that the spout and the lines to the spout sit at room temperature. Which means the beer in it sits at room temperature. It is a heaven for mold. After every keg, I chemical bomb and clean out the lines and everything with a keg cleaning kit, yet about a month into each keg I begin getting mold in the spout. It’s harmless, but annoying.

He would also need a “U” coupler which would run another $80-$90. My experience with these cheap kits is that the fittings they supply are on the cheap side, I had to replace the gas regulator, keg coupler, tower, beer line and faucet on mine (different brand) to get a good pour. I would also suggest getting a decent line cleaning system.

I believe this higher price is how they can still offer $5 shipping.

I have a Nostalgia KRS2100. You can read my review here: It’s an absolute piece of crap. Line problems. Air problems. tap problems. Door problems. Refrigeration problems. You name it, this kegorator has had it. Do yourself a favor and either buy a high-quality kegorator or just buy the pre-assembled tubing, get an old frige, drill a hole through the side of it, and mount the tap yourself.

Does the 5-lb CO2 fit inside the kegerator? A 2.5 lb cylinder is weak, although the dual gauge is a plus. Pretty much all home kegerators have uncooled towers, but there’s only about 1 foot of beer line that’s not cooled, so not much volume there. I too clean my lines after every keg.

Yes, a 5lb tank fits in it no problem. You can no longer use the strap provided by them to hold it down, but I simply took some zip ties and created my own using the same hooks for the issued strap. I even moved houses with the 5lb tank still in the kegerator (I made the movers aware just so they were not freaked out in case something did happen).

My Dad bought me one of these for my 21st birthday when I was in college. It never worked right and ruined a lot of kegs. I’ll never trust Nostalgia Electrics again because of it. I know it was just 1 product but just take it as a warning.

I’ve had two of these, and in both cases I had to replace the tower, the coupler, lines and regulator. This thing is excellent at pouring a foam bomb. Since the components are proprietary, I just went to Kegworks and bought a whole new kit with proper sized lines. If you want a decent pour from this thing, plan on spending at least another $100 to replace the terrible components.

Just buy pony kegs (1/4 bbl) problem solved

Cool they deliver to Utah…Oh wait Kegs are illegal here. Get caught bringing one from Wyoming and you’re in big trouble. Dumb Utah Laws.

I had a Danby years ago… worked great with no problems…paid the 350 for it online with free shipping…