Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator

Anybody with experience with this brand know if it will handle a Coors keg? I know the Danby Tap 'N Chill I had a few years ago would not close the door all the way with that keg in there but would handle Bud kegs. Just want to have all my bases covered.

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I have one of these, the regulator valve is very cheap and I find myself constantly adjusting the CO2 output to meet demand.

Other than that I really like it. Keeps beer cold to mid to low 40’s ( I live in AZ) which is actually a recommended temp for some craft beers. Seems to have a good motor and compressor in it.

15.5 gallon kegs are difficult to deal with given my critique above about the CO2 regulator, it’s behind the keg. Also the large kegs sit on part of the front door. After a couple of large kegs, I noticed the door had bent down because of the weight of the keg an was exposing an opening in the door/fridge seal.

I haven’t had Coors but you are talking about the kegs with a “spare tire” around them right?

I did not purchase mine from woot but i did buy this brand kegorator from another source and it was DOA. I know this can happen to any product, but just want to put in my 2 cents.

Let’s watch how to set it up [youtube=toaJZShP_Ig][/youtube]

Solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at

I got mine through Walmart also. This one was a little different than my homemade one that I gave to a friend. The video above is spot on for installation. Very easy! My parts package had a few extra pieces that I could not figure out where our how they went on. I kept the extras just in case but never needed them. Some reviews complained about the beer not being cold enough. I disagree. Mine was perfect! Only problem I’ve had was the dreaded too much foam. Just shut off the valves, open the tap to let out any beer in the line, then untap the keg and make sure all your “o” rings are there and in properly. Re-tap and if it was the same problem as mine, you should be ready to party! Also, make sure the Co2 connections are tight. If not, you’ll be needing a refill way too soon. Good luck!

I’m waffling on this. The price is decent and it will hold 2 5 gallon cornelius kegs.

Does anyone know the diameter of the beer tower for replacement with a dual tap?

Had one of these for several years and it worked well. There was some difficulties getting a coors light keg in there… some times it would maneuver itself in, other times you really had to persuade it in (i mean…spray butter the sides, 2 to 3 ppl working on it) to get it in. but once its in you drink all frustration away. I did not read the specs, but the one i purchased came with a small 2.5 lb tank… made good for a spare but i purchased a 5 lb tanks which wuold fit in with the kegs. Worth the purchase … add some new/better parts for a better working machine.

Why the need for Coors light at home? Do you not have running water?



Like they say, you get what you pay for. Doesn’t sound like this one’s worth the money. You’re buying happiness, not aggravation. Can’t get a Coor’s Light keg in without buttering it? Give me a break. I have a commerical American Beverage kegerator. It’s roomy, built like a tank, holds a 10lb. CO2 tank, has a cooling tower and holds the temp perfectly at 36F which is where your beer should be, especially if you want it to last more than a week.

Potential Problems:

  1. Cheap construction,

  2. Small,

  3. Wimpy, cheap 2.5lb. CO2 tank. You need at least a 5,

  4. Cooling tower is not fan forced cooled, meaning you’ll get foamy beer. ALL decent kegerators have towers that circulate cold air,

  5. Cheap regulator. Get a quality Micromatic brand.

  6. It’s junk…

WAKKA WAKKA, just picked one up yesterday. Coor’s Light was voted #1 in taste by Consumer Reports. Tried many, it’s still my favorite. For a light, it’s quite rich. I hate wimpy light beer.

There is a time a place for light beer and regular beer. Personally, I wouldn’t keep a keg of light beer at home, but if you like it, enjoy it.

I have this. I paid about $180 and that was more than it is worth. I have run three kegs through it and overall, I’d say the beer was about 75% foam. I have narrowed the issue down to either the length or diameter of the hose that takes the beer from the keg to the tap or the fact that the tower isn’t chilled. I don’t think there is much I can do about either (I don’t see a way of detaching the hose from the tower to replace the hose and I already tried replacing the CO2 regulator which didn’t help). I took the tower off and just use it as a mini fridge.

Like I said in my previous post it is most likely caused by a non chilled tower. That and you need temps around 35-38F and PSI around 8-10.

No, there isn’t anything you can do about a crappy, cheap design.

It’s fairly straightforward to build one of these for homebrew with the dual tap (won’t fit the commercial kegs, no no big loss there). Google a good minifridge for the job, cut a hole in the top for the tower, cut the plastic shelves off of the door & replace with a sheet of textured HDPE. $120 for the tower, $175 for the fridge, and a few extra parts here and there make it ~$300. 2 5-gallon Corny’s and a CO2 tank fit fairly well.

Two best days owning this kegerator. The day I bought it and the day I sold it. Here is what you need to upgrade in order to make it actually function properly

  1. New faucet that has standard threading for your old college tap handles. No idea where the faucet that is provided came from.

  2. New regulator and heck why not a new low profile coupler.

  3. 5lb CO2 tank, yes it will fit!

  4. New thermostat…or you can google how to mod the one on it.

  5. Cooling capability in the tower unless you like foamy beer. The temp gets down to 37 or colder with modifications, but nothing gets into the tower, that is a must fix.

The design is nice and holds domestic half barrels well…I never tried a Coors keg though.

I agree on most points, but I’ve had mine for a year and a half now, and no foam issues. I’ve run at least 12 kegs through it and nothing more than minor adjustments on the (admittedly cheap) regulator. I guess I’m lucky.