Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator

Coors Light is my least favorite beer. It tastes like razor blades.

I went through 2 of these. Both never worked correctly and had to be returned. The first one was delivered sitting on my porch for 1/2 day upside down. I figured that would be a potential problem but I assembled anyway and plugged it in. I let it run for 2 days and it would not cool - I chalked this one up to the poor delivery. The replacement cooled but made so much noise it was unbearable. Frustrated after assembling 2 of these and having neither work right I returned, spent a little more, and went with a Danby. It’s been 2 years and haven’t had a problem and I’ve had every size keg in it w/o issue. All that being said, a buddy of mine bought one against my advice and hasn’t had a single problem. Luck of the draw on this one I suppose.

Challenge accepted.

I agree.
I like microbrews and German beers, actually.
A good IPA, a dark porter, a malty German, a nice balanced amber, it’s all good!

I’ll post my $.02 based on my 1.5 years with one of these units:

  • Got mine from Amazon, but had to return 2 due to the thin box = no dent protection. Might be wise to ask the woot staff how they’ll be boxing these, because they can dent in transit if not protected.
  • The 2.5 lb tank is useless. If you know of a beer store that exchanges, take it over there and get a full 5lb tank. They’ll usually let you upgrade for about $10.
  • Heard a lot about the regulator, and while yes it’s cheap, it’s always worked for me. I was ready to upgrade it if it didn’t perform, but I don’t think I’ve touched it in over a year now.
  • Half-barrels will fit, but they’re snug, so some finessing may be in order. I bungied the CO2 tank in place to make it easier. Fat kegs (like coors) will be a problem.
  • So the tower isn’t cooled? IMO the air-cooled tower concept is overrated. First beer of the day gets maybe 3"-4", but all the rest get a clean, firm 1.5". A friend with a nice Kegco has more problems than I do.
  • construction is relatively easy, though I recall one of the directions asks for a plastic washer to be inserted in one of the connections, but that one leaked; one of the “spare” rubber washers cleared it up.

Clearly, there are a lot of variables when it comes to being a happy owner of one of these. My suggestion is, read up on how the system works (like ), be patient about dialing it in on the first keg or two, and make sure you clean it according to directions.

Also, if you’re a craft beer fan, stick to the 1/6 or pony sizes. A full keg of anything other than pils/light beer wears out its welcome after about 2 weeks.

It can’t fit coors kegs because of shape of the keg. Can handle pretty much all other kegs. That being said, it’s not a great kegerator and not a great value at this price.

Don’t forget, beer systems small or large do require maintenance every couple weeks.

Its recommended to have your lines cleaned every few weeks to prevent bacteria growth and scaling in the lines which could lead to foam or affected beer quality.

I work for a Draft beer servicing and cleaning company so if anyone needs service in The SF bay Ca let me know :wink:

I also do some troubleshooting and parts replacement.

I have a very similar model, and I did exactly that. Upgraded to a dual tap, and 2 5 gallons for homebrew. It works like a CHAMP, and Keg conditioned is MUCH easier then bottle conditioning.

I agree, I prefer those beers to Coors Light any day, but we drink a lot of beer and don’t want to break the bank. If I bought only those beers I cherish like ales, Porters and such I’d go broke. Love IPA’s yummy! Heavy on the hops and the malt.

Ever had a Thai lager? Typical Bohemian brew style from the German brewmeisters. Mexican lagers like Bohemia, Carta Blanca, or Modelo sure do finish off a hot plate of mole’ enchiladas nicely. :wink: Again, contributions of German brewmeisters, also Japan and Chinese beers.

Curious, for you one man shows, how do you unload a 150 lb. keg from the back of your pickup? (I use the bucket of my tractor)

Save yourself money in the long run and a lot of grief, get a commercial Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator. I got mine delivered in perfect shape from a firm out of Florida, new, for about $1,000.

Yeah…pretty much. Anything from Nostalgia is junk. They are trying to get people to impulse buy based on the fact that it’d be really cool to have whatever they’re selling. In truth, I built my own kegerator and spent more to convert a chest freezer than this thing costs. I have Perlick faucets ($50 each), lots of other hardware to make it work…I think I spent $750+ with the freezer/hardware/thermostat/10lb c02 tank/regulator… Well worth the money to buy quality parts if you actually intend on using it. It’s rare that I want to buy a half-barrel of craft beer. I use mine for homebrew (corny kegs) and occasional 6th barrels when I’m lazy.

Actually (assuming you’re referring to the 2012 article) it was Coors that Consumer Reports liked, and they only compared it to other best-selling lagers (Bud, Corona lite, etc.), and none were considered all that good.

So it was a contest between the Miley Cyrus, Britney, and Katie Perry or the beer world. Can there really be a “winner” is such a thing?

But about this product: Good deal, as long as you’re ready to do some modifications.

Sooooooo excited!!! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!! This will be a PERFECT addition to my bar! It rolls AND fits FOUR sizes! YES!

I have one of these from the last time they were on woot. It currently has a sixth barrel of Sam Adams Octoberfest.

I put a thermometer in it and without adjusting anything the compressor seems to kick on at 40 degrees F and off at 36 degrees F.

The tower is not cooled so I built a blower assembly to force cold air up there. Works decently well. This is my biggest complaint – the uncooled tower.

The regulator seems to function, I haven’t had to adjust anything after I first got the keg set up. This is the “2 dial” regulator that seems to be a huge upgrade over the old 1 dial regulator.

The only foam problem I had was right after I brought the keg home and it was tossed around in the back of the car on the way home. After it sat for a day it was fine.

All in all its cheap but functional. I plan on using it for a 1/6th of something a couple times a year.

I thought this was cool. More of this and things like this.

woot number 1 hit show all of my country.!


This uh… this really was a cool deal, woot.


Anyone have success/failure?

My regulator was defective and leaking…Woot has no replacement…offered to give me a full refund…