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**Item: **Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator
Price: $339.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New
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9/20/2013 - $339.99 - 34 comment(s)

Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator
Price: $339.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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[MOD: Those are the 2100; ours is the 2150 stainless steel model.]

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at and OK reviews (2.9 out of 5.0) over at

These are neat, and purdy…

…but as with many things, you can build an equivalent or better for $200-$250. That number would not include kegs or gas distribution (this system doesn’t either).

For the DIY-er (as many homebrewers tend to skew), this is not worth it. But if you just want to serve kegs from your local brewery, this can be a good option.

EDIT: I am mistaken, this comes with a regulator and an unfilled CO2 tank. Granted the tank is on the small side, but these additions push this into the “worth it” category for many scenarios.

I can’t tell from the video if it’s the 2150, but it’s from Nov. 2010, and its main value to see it, not as much from the review

good night

This tbing sucks I’ve owned one and had to un-hook/screw the thermostat to turn it lower then the lowest default setting to keep my beer cold enough to not foam (after wasting two 1/2 barrels dealing with foam). Also the c02 gage is trash and you can’t even see how much PSI you are putting into your keg. Do some google searches for this unit and save yourself $300+ on a POS. TRUST ME.

Please correct the features which lists: American Sankey “D” Double Tap System. This is NOT a double tap system. The double tap system is included with model KRS6100SS (see this item on Amazon for the double tap model).

This model, KRS2150, is only a single tap.

EDIT: Also, it lists the beer tower as both (1) a semi-gloss black tap tower, and (2) a 13" chrome beer tower and guard rail. I believe this one should be only the semi-gloss black tap tower. The chrome version is, again, on the other model.

[MOD: Thank you! I passed your info on.]

Its not worth buying something like this. Its much better to build it yourself. I bought a kit. Kits come with bad regulators. The local keg shop has a whole bucket of these.

I got one of these in January. After about 3 weeks the faucet got stuck and because I had a bigger handle I had more leverage and broke the stem. I emailed the manufacturer and never got a response. I’ve been told that I need to replace the Tower because all faucets will not work. I gave away my homemade one for this. Big mistake. Save your receipts and good luck!

Buy a Beverage Air. Commercial grade quality that is built to last and work RIGHT forever.

Never owned one of these made in China Nostalgia but I can tell this thing is crap…from the non cooled tower down to the cheap regulator.

I have this kegerator and it is great, until the CO2 propellant leaks out. You get everything set, but since the CO2 canister is inside the fridge, the seals constrict and the gas leaks out. I bought this somewhere else and wish I had my $400 back. If you can figure out how to resolve that problem easily, it would be a great product.

As I mentioned in the blog post I left a link to… its most likely your CO2 regulator.

I gave one of these as a gift to my Dad two years ago and he loves it. Ours came with a 5# tank. I have an extensive review on Amazon for it (under the name J. Martin)–I gave it 4 stars. I’m definitely thinking about getting another one for myself.

The only issue we had with it was that the regulator leaked Co2 and oftentimes overpressurized the keg. Swapped that out (~$40) and had no issues since.

If you miss this woot, Walmart has them for sale for just a few bucks more with free shipping.