Nostalgia Electrics

The Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400WD Electric Ice Cream Maker is $41.47 at On Woot, this comes up to $47.51 after shipping and taxes are added. Not a good deal.

Really? $37.78 at walmart

The Kettle Corn maker intrigued me until I read the Amazon Reviews. Never seen a best review and a worst review tied with one star before.

The Coca Cola mini fridge IS cheaper here before shipping. And if you’re bulk ordering it will help offset the $5.

However the same model is currently available from Best Buy ($119.98) and Walgreen’s ($119.99) with free shipping and a brick and mortar location should an issue arise.

Walmart lists them at $89.88 but it’s easy to low ball the price when the item is out of stock.

You can buy the better model CCP-810 on-line for the same price I have the CCP-810 which is similar to this model, except it has the dispensing valve that fills the popcorn bucket (one of the coolest features). After the novelty wore off, we use it about once/week. I live in Indiana, so I use this Coconut popcorn oil that the Amish make that is outstanding. The thing is built decent for a $200 popcorn maker, and it’s fine for home use- but I would not use it in a business- (daily- high use).

No cotton candy machine? I’m sad.

Is that a bottle of FAYGO I see?


Check out the big blue store only $37 there with free shipping to local store.

I purchased this popcorn maker (the big one with the rolling car) at Kohls for less than $75.

What is up with Woot lately? I knew it was the end back when Amazon bought them, but how far they’ve fallen.

I have multiple requests for help with Woot going completely ignored. I actually had to do a charge back with my credit card company, very first time in dealing with Woot for many years.

What happened to, ONE THING? That was a great idea. RIP Woot!