Not A Morning Person

New shirtwoot! after midnight crowd morning after crew shirt ; )

Cheer up, owl:

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If you were an owl, having been awake after a long night and then have to stay up for the day, you’d be grumpy too.

Congrats on another print from the DT, LC!

Owl in a fowl mood.

Owl man, I really liked Littleclyde’s other owl design better than this one. I figured one of them would print, but this one being printed pretty much guarantees that one won’t :(. Maybe a surprise Littleclyde double olwfering!? Like they did with Robbie Lee.

Owl well, still a pretty great shirt! Congrowltulations Littleclyde!

You mean triple? She printed on Friday with Travel by Catbus already.

(For more of Michelle’s art, visit

Officially one of the best weeks for me at Woot yet! Thanks editors! And also to everyone who was so vocal about supporting this one in the forums…

(And I appreciate you providing the link, Narfcake - I don’t know why it doesn’t always show up with my prints.)

Congrats Littleclyde! Incredible art!

I’m totally will owl your shirt :slight_smile:

Bought! Thank you Woot, and congrats LC!

Love it! Grats on the double- Lets see if you can score a turkey! heh- :wink:

What, wooters, almost 9:00am and no bad puns? No, “Owl be seeing you”? “Owling at the moon”? “Owl we ever make it”?

I’m severely disappointed. Have another cuppa, and let’s start again…

great pick–congrats LittleClyde!

Love this! That cranky owl makes me sooo happy!

Seeing this print has turned my morning from owl face to sun/tree/mountain/flower/worm face.

Why does the sun have a soul patch?
Now I can’t “unsee” it.

Awesome, I love the illustration style on this one.

Well deserved! Super congrats! Love it!

This really should be available as a nightshirt.

Irritable owl syndrome.