Not a prize...... a trick?

Early this morning I played the game walking across boards to the next column… earning a 32 before my Woot! Monkey fell.
My prize was a neat piggy bank featuring a dog. The “prize” price was $20.99.

On Amazon the exact same bank is $14.99 or the price of $18.99 ??!?!?!

Was I being tested?
Why would Woot offer me such a neat item at such a horrid price?

I thought we were friends in this community. :confused:
I’m disappointed and shaken.

Has this happened to others?

If this was a test…I request the price to be lowered to Below the Amazon price.


Well, Duh… brown and white dogs are way more valuable than black and white dogs.

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LOL… says the owner of a brown spotted dog.

I noticed the color difference too… but come on that much more $$$$$??
I bought a cat coin bank (as a prize) not too long ago off Woot… maybe paid $7-8 …

(Don’t say dogs are more valuable than cats in the cheesy plastic coin bank industry… I wondered about that too…)

Brown for $19 w/prime shipping

My Woot! game prize was that same brown dog coin bank for a bargain price (I have prime)… of $20.99???

Not a prize.
Not a good Woot! worthy price…

Maybe you’re paying extra for the fun you had while playing the game?

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Oh… Yes! That’s it. Wink wink.
Good point!

I’m just Pro transparency---- how about prizes that cost less than the identical item on the parent-sister site?


I was offered the same thing after walking the plank. I thought it was just me! Yesterday I was offered this very expensive pencil box:

FYI, If you didn’t know there’s a thread dedicated to the Digital App Crap. People post the daily offering in there.

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I keep playing these games hoping for another $1 hoof pick…

Alas…more oft than not, the thrill of the game brings greater joy than the prize at the end…

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HEY! I was “awarded” the same pencil box?!?!?
What’s going on… these prices are Not prize worthy!

Saw that.
I didn’t realize the prices would be so messed up… I’ve been w WOOT! for nearly 2 years… this oddness just started in the last month or so…

Hmmmmmm…Woot! did turn 17 last month. It’s a very awkward and confusing age.
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The Digital Crap prize is the same for everyone who wins the game each day - until it sells out, and then you get the offer for a Digital Crap Tee Shirt.
Check the link/thread @jniemeier posted for you above.


Soooo funny! Love it. :heart:

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Thanks. I follow. Just questioning the pricing assigned (more recently) to a prize-award.

No longer will I throw an awarded game prize into my cart for immediate purchase… I’ll check all around to see if the prize is Really a Deal! :+1::-1:


Wait… you guys have been offered something that you would actually consider buying? So far my “prizes” have lived up to the digital crap description, to the point that I wouldn’t take them for free.

On the Forums tab, if you look for (or search for) “Digital Crap on the App” you’ll see something (currently) with less than 6000 posts, detailing every midnight “prize” for what seems like years. Last night everybody over “there” was saying the same thing: too much, over-priced by two or three times…
If you’re tired of the games, check there to see what you COULD win if you get stubborn.


It makes the most sense to add something “dubious” to your cart, to SAVE IT for after checking out the thing (reviews, price comparisons, etc) - because once you LEAVE that “you’ve won some crap!” page you can’t get back to that prize again…