Not a Snowball’s Chance…

All fear the killer bunny!

For the reference challenged:


let’s all get on the same page here now…

Today’s shirt write up seems a little on the cynical side.

Anyone else feeling that?

I really like the design but I’d prefer if the shirt color was Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh

This shirt is also for those of you who bought the last shirt.woot … which happens to be by the same artist too.


Everyone loves Monty Python references. I like the mash-up, it had GMV!

And yes, the end of the write seemed a bit cynical. My sarcasm detector is on the fritz.

Congrats lucky!

Geez Woot writers, I’ve never even seen the movie and I got the gag right away.

One, two… Five!

Three, sir.

Ah, yes, three!

" Look, that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer! " -Tim

Aaah, thanks Narf. I needed that! :slight_smile:

Now to decide if I need it on Anvil…

Consult the Book of Armaments.

My brother loves monopoly but hates monty python. Do you think he would like this?

(or vice versa?)

I get the Monty Python and Monopoly references, but is the “Not a snowball’s chance” a reference to anything? (I know that not everything HAS to be a reference to something else - I would just like the shirt better without that part.)

It’s a Big Bang Theory reference, “not a Snowball’s chance in a CAT scanner.”

Here’s the other half of the reference, for those of you who aren’t into board games or have just crawled out from under a rock to see what today’s woot shirt is:

congrats Lucky!

That shirt just caused me to replicate the storyline too gave It, except when I finally got my 19 y o son to look at it and be able to snarkily say something like “Your old, get out and call someone who cares about your stupid Woot stuff”. Which is almost what happened.
Except the kid seems to think 420 is to be celebrated daily and not only did I get no help, I am now split between being pissed or jealous, and I am to relaxed to make any decision at all, but after the haze cleared I got the shirt joke. I’m hungry (I am going to eat the rest of the salted caramels) , thanks Woot.