Not a Snuggie Deluxe with Book Light – 2 Pack

Don’t drink the Koolaid!


another random thing to get shoved under the couch to be found at a later date.

i don’t know why, but i want to buy

Perfect for reading naked in the parlor at night.

Ack, this one might be the slow down item, I hope not! Even if you’re anti-(not a) snuggie, its a 2 for the price of one, cheap x-mas gifts indeed.

darn…1 thing i’d actually want…x.x

it actually is kinda nice to have around these cold times…plus not i can read a book and eat a snack!

Aw I wanted that . . . my kids love booklights and snuggies.

These are actually decent size. I usually sit cross-legged on it and pull the bottom up over my legs. Warmer than just tube-style.

This would have been nice to have on my next flight

I see these are sold out, but I’d just chip in my 2 cents. These are really good for the price. You will want to wash them before using them, because otherwise they leave lint everywhere until you do.

Brings to mind phrases like “and it really really works”, and “but wait, there’s more”, or “set it and forget it”.

I missed it! I wanted these…

*Do not take “Set it and forget it” seriously. It is important to never ignore a running appliance.