Not Adid-me. Adid-us. (But spelled adidas)



Dude not included, results not guaranteed. Do you use these extra items? How good are they? (What are they for?)


How much weight does the weight vest come with?


I’m also curious about weight of the weight vest

The website has a picture of looks to be this one stating:

  • Removable 1lb / 0.45kg weights
  • Adjustable velcro waist belt
  • One size fits all

So the weight vest has 10 removable 1lb weights. That’s pretty weak. If you’re at a fitness level where you are in the market for a weight vest, you’re not looking to spend $70 for 10 lb. vest. 10 lbs might be a good starting off weight if you’ve never used one, but to max out at 10? 70 wasted in my honest opinion.


I agree 10 pounds isn’t much…One of my battle buddies (firefighter as a civilian) and I used to wear our IBAs (body armor) and run stair repeats with squats at the top of each floor…30+ pounds not including the ammo usually strapped to it. It was a great workout…


Does the grid come with a sheet of example exercises or a DVD or anything? Or are you on your own coming up with workouts for it?


Checked with the buyer, and they said there’s nothing like that included. However, he did provide a few links that may help you out.

Here’s a video from Adidas:


Also try and SKLZ for agility training resources.

Personally, my trainer puts those elastic strength bands around my ankles and forces me to try to maneuver through the little rings as fast as I can. It’s like being in a three-legged race with yourself.