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Learning to ride a motorcycle is fun.

Wanna try? Harley offers a great “Riders Edge” program, they train you, let you ride around on 500 cc motorcycles, get you tested - and then help you on insurance payments after you get that “m” designation on the liscence.

(yeah, I already have the starter bike - 2003 honda shadow 750 with all the trimmings)

After I get used to riding, I’ll build me an LDC Chopper, complete with flame thrower and radioactive plasma charges.


Is this in place of the butcher store?


Most likely - can’t get Mom and Dad to support the move.

I can work and and save money in an easy job right now. And ride a Motorcycle.

Bird in the hand and all that…


Gonna get tattoos?




Get with it, poof, they are called “tats.”


Only one. A small cherry.



Which section of fur is going to be shaved for that? BTW, did you ever see the different cuts of lemming that querty drew up?


tats or ta tas?



my hiney, and no…


No discount meat for us? :frowning:
Be careful on that motercycle! I’m trying to figure out how a lemming rides a big bike…I’m not getting a workable image.


I don’t know how to bring it here. The thread is "so like – anyone run a meat shop. Post #498319. The posts immediately after might make you cringe a little. And it was Josephus, not qwerty.


string. Useful stuff …


link for riders edge - and even if you are scared of motorcycles - the course will change your mind.


Trying to bring the link that poof talked about forward, bet it doesn’t work!

Wow, it worked!

Remember, this wasn’t me, it was Josephus.


Why aren’t you back yet? It gets really dull with you and alien gone at the same time.


You did good, D’name.


I’m so proud! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Have no clue why, I do the same thing each time. Stupid computer.


bump for tennbee


Mmmmm… lemming chops from a “chopper!” What will he think of next!?