Not By The Hair Of My Zinny Zin-Zin



Hey, InZINerator! Not just that but a Double Magnum (not to be confused with a Double Rainbow, although probably just as intense).


Has anyone out there tried this?


Which? :slight_smile:


If it came with a tapper, I’d get it. I don’t have enough wine friends to drink that in one sitting.


All right, road trip to funbunny’s!


Sorry… the 2009 Scott Harvey InZINerator 3L.


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Scott Harvey:



As always, great to be on Woot. This wine was bottled on 7/30/12. We produced 776 cases of 12/750ml, but only 30 bottles of these double magnums. The spec sheet I sent woot was for a previous 2009 InZinerator bottling. This bottling is 100% Amador County, 91% Zinfandel, 7% Forte and 2% Barbera. The wine is 14.5% alcohol, 3.54pH and .8% residual sugar.


Not By The Hair Of My Zinny Zin-Zin

Haywood Estate 2008 Morning Sun Zinfandel 4-Pack
$104.99 (Normally $176.35) 40% off List Price
2008 Morning Sun Zinfandel, Los Chamizal Vineyard
Previous offer: 8/27/12 (Plus)

Sextant Wines 2010 Wheelhouse Zinfandel 5-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $138.25) 46% off List Price
Sextant Wines 2010 Wheelhouse Zinfandel
Previous offer: 9/25/12

Calstar El Dorado 2008 Zinfandel 4-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $119.55) 46% off List Price
2008 Alta Zinfandel, El Dorado County

Scott Harvey InZINerator Double Magnum
$79.99 (Normally $122.60) 35% off List Price
2009 Scott Harvey InZINerator 3L
Previous offer: 5/22/12 (Woot-off)

Lang Wines 2006 Reserve Zinfandel 4-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $119.20) 50% off List Price
2006 Lang Wines Reserve Zinfandel
Previous offer: 8/13/12 (Plus)


The Calstar specs seem to be for the 2007 vintage.


Mr Harvey, how long do you think this bottle will hold?


There are only 6 bottles left. Of the inzin. Get it while you can!!!


The Wheelhouse Zin is good but must be decanted as there is sediment to deal with. Don’t know if that’s normal for this wine but my first two bottles had quite a bit of sediment.


Got one yeahh…, will be nice to see it next to the 2007 double magnum.
But it will be better to see them IN MY BELLY!!!


Humm, Different from the other 2009
Blend: 78% Zinfandel, 9% Syrah, 8% Barbera, 5% Mixed Port.

Are you gonna add this new 2009 to cellar tracker?


Oy, so many choices, so many money. Want em all but need to choose only one.

Wish the InZinerator was in smaller bottles and not one biggie.


I know nothing about Calstar. Anyone had these? Maybe the Calstar winemaker will pipe in?
Would love to hear a bit more about that wine.


From the Calstar website for 2008 Alta Zin:

Composition:  100% Zinfandel
Harvest Date:  September 24, 2008
Brix:  25.7
Date Bottled:  August 4, 2009
Production:  375 cases
Alcohol:  15.4
pH:  3.66
TA: 6.48 g/L
Release Date:  August 1, 2012


How do you know how many are left?