Not Easy Being Green

An unlikely friendship, but not an unlikely – or unlikeable – victor.

Kermit and Yoda doing shooters. Only at Woot.

By the looks of it, the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

Being green, easy, it is not…

Clever Idea, Great execution and the drawing itself is so accurate and GORGEOUS!

Kermit is just confused because he found out Yoda and Ms. Piggy are the same person.

Is it wrong that I want a shirt that is half green and half blue, with this on one side, and The Binge on the other?

buy or buy not, there is no think.

Just curious as I was a Derby regular some time ago, but when did the celebrity likeness/copyrighted character rule get lifted? Or basically how is this in the clear to print? A few years ago you could not even hint at a stars wars character in a design.
Not trying to bring a downer post to the design. I love it.

The rainbow connection is strong between these two.

Disney approves of this shirt…

Darn you Woot! This is not helping me break my shirt.woot addiction!

I know, Yoda doesn’t even try to change his voice when he is in drag!

I always thought that (grammar and enthusiasm levels aside) Grover sounded fairly similar to Yoda. Even Frank Oz can only have so many voices.

just what i was gonna say.

Why does it take 9 days before it ships (NOV 22, which is a Sunday BTW)??

If you chose regular shipping, any shirts with expedited shipping will go out first. Additionally, it depends on how many orders are placed, it could certainly go more quickly. We do have to print the shirts before we ship them.

Exactly… Dang it I like the image but the Yoda grammar is wrong. I haz a sad now.

Yup, I would have totally bought this, but the nerd in me won’t stand for the inaccurate yodaism.