Not Flat


Of course Woot would sell this shirt of lies! Woot is one of the most clandestine branches of the Illuminati. (That’s how they get their great deals.)
(^Not a serious statement.)

Congratulations, Omar!

*Does the happy dance!

Thanks everyone for your votes! I have another design up for voting this week (link on signature)
*shameless plug, lol


The flat earth society has members all around the globe.

Soooo… The written sizing description says that the premium shirt is slimmer fit than the standard, order one size up, and see the sizing chart. Yet the sizing chart shows IDENTICAL dimensions for both in the Mens shirts (standard vs premium) in length and width.

So which information is correct, Woot?

LOVE the design, but can hear the double entendres already. LOL.

Seriously though, great design and SO topical.


Awesome design.

Paging Kyrie Irving, paging Kyrie Irving.
Mr. Irving, your shirt is ready for pick up.

Having just bought a premium shirt a few days ago not knowing the sizing difference, I would say order one size up. I haven’t tried mine on yet but I ordered a large and it looks like a medium.

Yay, a victory for Omar is a victory for science!

For men’s shirts, what the sizing charts don’t reflect is how the sleeves and shoulder are cut. The standard Anvil is wider at the shoulder but has a narrower sleeve/body opening and shorter length with a sharp taper. The premium Canvas is narrower at the shoulder but with a longer sleeve/body opening and longer sleeves. And at least for me, I have to size up in the standard for it not to feel constricted at the armpits. Everybody’s body is different, though, so it’s good to have a choice.

Lined up at armpit to armpit – royal blue is Canvas, men’s large; slate is Anvil, men’s x-large. Both were washed and line dried twice.

The premium is slightly longer when new, but more importantly, it stays longer. In another test case, also between a Canvas large and an Anvil x-large: both shirts were their initial wash, in the same load for washing and drying.

Canvas: 22" wide, 29-5/8" long. Original spec for L, 22" wide, 30" long.
Anvil: 24-1/2" wide, 28-3/8" long. Original spec for XL, 24" wide, 30-3/4" long.

(Your machine may vary.)

Nice win, Omar! Congrats! :slight_smile:

You know? I was considering flat earth, but you just can’t argue with this logic.

A very informative design,
congrats OmarFeliciano :slight_smile:

How many ladies are going to wear a “Not Flat” sign on their chest?

Those wanting a size DD

How can it not be flat if it’s printed on a T-shirt? Checkmate, sheeple.

How long will this shirt be available for ordering?