NOT going to give you another card# for purchase!

I need a quick way to get past that lengthy “sign up to pay with a new credit card” when my shopping cart is on a time-limit… assuming you WANT my money, anyway…

Power-cycled my phone. Went into the section with Order History, picked an option which gave me an Amazon login prompt, logged in. Went into my phone’s “options” page and cleared my cache. Each time, I got back before what I wanted was completely sold out (toward the end, only one of three choices still available) and STILL got that credit application entry form.

How are you to pay for an item if you do not have a credit card number on file?

Normally I am able to use my Amazon account, that’s kind of the point. But when this happens, that link to the Amazon account (and the free shipping, don’t overlook how that plays onto this) appears to be BROKEN. I’m NOT spending if I can’t use the Amazon link. There needs to be some simple way to recover from that “break” which doesn’t take forever in gerbil-years…

Woot off has free shipping today


I don’t care, the free shipping is only part of this. I’m still not going to create a totally new credit card account, particularly DURING the “checkout” experience. Not happening.

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Its a glitch that happens when the servers are overloaded.

I haven’t seen any issues like what you’re describing but I want to help you.

Try logging out entirely, then click to see your purchase history. It should prompt the login via Amazon or Woot! Screen. What happens if you do that?

Edit: per @pepper114’s comment, I have seen the forums or app log me out when everyone is trying to get something like a BOC or WTF item.

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I’ve noticed when I DO manage to get thru a purchase, usually I’m told I’ve been logged out when I come back in… server glitches? I wish they’d stop tweaking my phone app…

Woot doesn’t own the Amazon checkout part. The log-in/log-out thing is a pest for sure.

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I’ve done that several times - it has the highest odds so far of breaking thru, but even that doesn’t always work.

That’s why I’m thinking there should be something clickable to throw everything up in the air, so it can come down in some “default” setup.

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Thank you, by the way…

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I keep my payment info up to date on both accounts. Sometimes I’ll get it where I’m logged in with Amazon, but it pulls up my woot payment info. It’s nuts.


Oh! And if it charged shipping and you’ve got prime tell CS and they’ll refund the shipping. Explain its an item that sells in seconds.


If on a normal day having my Woot! account set up for payments results in an order losing free shipping, it isn’t worth setting it up to be a “broken option” the process MIGHT try to use…

What is it you’re trying to get? When I’m trying to get a BOC I usually log out/log in frequently to keep the token fresh. I use the Woot login because BOC shipping is always free, it’s faster and I only have 1 address and credit card on the account so checkout goes smoother too.

When I’m trying to get something else I usually try to stay logged in the same way but with Amazon.

Just my two cents. Best wishes.


I didn’t understand. Sorry. What’s a broken option?

Also, I agree with the frustration of checkout not going well… It cost me a $1 WTF drone a few months ago, and that was hard to swallow. But at the same time, I’ve also gotten a ton of great deals since then and we never have to do captcha, so there’s that.

Did you find the $0.17 shirt thread?

You have the same time-limits in a Woot-off as for a random BoC purchase. These problems may just be the Universe trying to boost/grow my self-discipline, but I’d like the Universe to get out of my way and stop “helping”, in a peaceful, appreciative way, you understand (don’t stop giving me parking spaces, pretty please…)

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No, haven’t found that shirt thread – but I don’t have good luck buying clothing online, either. But tell me more, it might work out…

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