Not paid for design

I had a design sell in August and ship in September. I was told I’d receive payment the 15th of the month after shipping which would be today. I haven’t gotten a deposit and was wondering if it’s common for first time payments to come later than expected. I’ve emailed someone about it but haven’t gotten a response.

Email – sometimes the first payment does take a little longer. Also, make sure you filled out all their forms (there are tax forms and thingies and stuff).

I filled out all the things they sent me awhile ago. Someone got back to me just now. Thanks for the help!

My payment comes in a couple days after the 15th, if that helps.

Welcome to my “every” month. I always have to beg for it. sigh.

I had a similar problem for this month. I already got my payment but commissions from the side sale item are missing. Waiting to hear back form artist payments on that one…

See? And this is my issue. How would I even know what’s missing? I could be selling things from my back catalog with no clue they sold and/or if I got paid for them. A couple of plus sales with different ship dates and I’m all confused with what I should be paid for. #firstworldproblems

How do artists with a ton of things keep track - between the plus sales, back catalog and top 20? This is why I started the thread about an artist’s dashboard of some kind. One day… sigh

Not comfortable to play the trust game with your money, and it’s part of the reason I don’t bother designing for woot anymore. Another reason is I’m not excited about drawing cats or minions, but I digress.

I’m expediting a solution for this right now. This is very important to me and tgentry since we’re woot artists too! As a short-term solution, we’re going to get a full report from our accounting dept and analyze it and pinpoint where the issues are. I’ll keep you guys posted on this thread.

I can’t even imagine how a guy like Walmazan manages to keep track. The only reason I knew is because I rarely get shirts printed, so I was expecting a $250+ payment for the month. But if it was consistently a high dollar payment, I’d have no way to know.

Glad to hear from Ocho that they’re looking into it!

I’ve had an issue with payment going back a couple months. Ever since the full catalog was made for sale, I’ve had sales every month. The last time I received any kind of payment was in November. I was told to reach out to an email through amazon. They said I had a payment pending over a week ago. If anyone at woot can help, that would be much appreciated.

I’ve sent a note to the shirt team.

I was curious if anyone else has received payment for the Holiday Journals that printed in November I believe? I was expecting payment either in December or this month, but haven’t seen it yet. Just curious, I sent an e-mail awhile back, but hadn’t heard back yet.


I sent a note to the shirt team.


Has anyone gotten payment for the Holiday Card design? I was expecting it last month and actually did get a reply to an email last month but then found a deposit in my bank account for sales of a shirt, not the flat fee that was discussed for the card design. I sent another email last week and have not heard back and it’s pretty frustrating.

I’m actually still waiting to hear back about my inquiry on the Holiday Journals as well. I understood those to be a flat payment instead of commission also.
I love shirtwoot and greatly appreciate all the opportunities they’ve given my designs, but email communication is frustrating at times. I’m sure they get a lot of emails to deal with though.
It might help if they listed a directory for who to direct different types of questions to, because really I never know who to contact. This latest question of mine has been passed around a bit, which I’m sure is a frustration for them as well.
I was just planning on waiting to see what paid out this month, and then inquire again if it didn’t look like the journals had come through.

Or maybe there is a directory and I’m just completely oblivious to it,lol.