Not Paying Attention

Internet cat humor is the very highest form of humor!

I can haz cute t-shirt?

The great thing about both of these artists is that you can recognize their distinctive styles through the design.

So sez teh LOLcats artist …

FWIW, I’m not a cat person, but I had to.

Yes, nice blend of styles, texturing on the fur fun + I bet the orange really pops. Not to mention cats, although I am slightly suspicious about the authenticity of the scene because there is no napping feline in sight.

Haha awesome!!:smiley:

Can i have***

shouldn’t he be teaching them “Can I have a…”?

I just realized that the professor cat must be wearing a clip on bowtie, seeing as it looks like there is no collar around his neck.

All I can say is ouch!

I feel like that teacher cat all the time.

One step at a time. You don’t want to overburden the kitties now, do you?

The kittens would pay more attention if the teacher cat were using a laser pointer.

I do need more shirts with tabby on tabby action…

I gave my girlfriend the “Sabertooth Can Haz…” shirt last summer.

This one will be wrapped around her new MacBook Air for Christmas.

Maybe I’m dumb, but I don’t get it. The orange cat looks like he’s falling. It doesn’t look like they are playing at all. I just don’t think the shirt gets the message across very well.

This shirt illustrates how cats teach us all these great life lessons. For example: back rubs are far more important than grammar lessons.

Like cats would pay attention to a chalk board. What you really need is a laser pointer… yep…

Hmm, maybe the laser pointer works too well. =0

Haz the orange cat fainted at the thought of hazsing it grammar corrected???

Hmm, must be a GSL class: Grammar as a Second Language.