Not the Droids

It was number two. Definitely number two.

I would pick Marvin, but I’m probably wrong.

Fun fact: Lineups like these are actually really bad at determining who a witness really saw. The brain is a funny thing and instead of comparing the individuals to memory the witness ends up comparing them to each other. This can lead to false identification since the witness just picks who looks “the most guilty” instead of who is guilty. Instead, police departments are turning to “show-ups,” where each suspect is brought in one at a time so the witness compares them only to their memory.

The Butler, er Maid did it.

Where’s Bender?

Yeah, number two. Note the shifty eyes.

I would like to point out that this is wrong.

is Marvin.

Awesome. Thanks everyone for the votes and comments. Its been awhile and is nice to get that elusive second derby print.


That third one looks like Pintsize…

What droid is it?

The third one is Marvin, the clinically depressed android, from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie. However, this one is from the 2005 version of the movie. The 1981 version is different as noted above.

OHHH cool. Never seen it. Maybe I should now.

Thanks for including J5!

Would love to have this shirt.

Large tall?

I can’t wear the woot shirts I’ve ordered because they’re too short. 0-2 = no more orders sniff sniff

Hard to say if #5 is the perp. Incomplete Data.

I’d snap one up right now if it weren’t for the missing apostrophe in “we’re”.

The phrase on the shirt is in past tense so “were” is the correct form. If the apostrophe was there the shirt would read “Not the droids they we are looking for” which wouldn’t be right.

Look again. You are mistaken.

I thought the same thing and then I reread the shirt and realized on the first read my brain skipped over the word “they”.

Thank you! This is the true Marvin!

Should we assume that Loki is in the lineup and not Data? Or did Loki switch places and Data has been wrongfully accused?

Too bad the shirt can’t be a gif or we’d see the twitch…