Not the penguin

Great sequel shirt! Congrats.

Take a penguin, add a cape and a mask – raising formalwear to heroic proportions ; )

I Am Batman!

trying to imagine a penguin with a deep batman voice. maybe its just because of all the cold air.

I wonder where he got that wonderful toy?

AWESOME design Wences! :smiley:

“Aren’t you a little short to be a…” Oops, wrong movie franchise!

Congrats on the print Wences!

Congrats, wences!

Thanks guys for all your support!!

It wouldn’t have been a successful cute derby without a Walmazan shirt. :slight_smile:

Grats on the print wences!

Congrats, walmazan! Great as always

Na na na na na na na na PENGUIN!!!

Dat writeup, man. Dat writeup.

Chaancchaanaan! the Penguin!
Soo cute. Love the shirt.

I may have missed out when it came out but now that it’s over in the top 20 I ordered my kids size 8. YEAH!!!Oh happy day!!!