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Look at cereal, Michael!

Well I guess the rabbit has grown up if he’s not playing tricks now.

Arrested Development rears its head yet again! I like it though, subtle.

Silly rabbit

Silly rabbit, segways are for kids :slight_smile:

I hope this shirt stays around longer than the last Arrested development shirt (I missed my chance to buy it because I wasn’t paying attention) Why must Arrested Development always get reckoned before it’s time?

My Ringtone is The Final Countdown because of Gob

It’s okay, from what I hear, even if this cereal is cancelled there is more popping up on Netflix.

Here comes more Arrested Development shirts. Maybe if I can get this in a randoms, someone will trade :).

I see what you did there.

Alright, someone better start explaining…

Or I could just read the write up.

I always wanted to open a bank called The Banana Stand.

I think I just blue myself

Here’s a little video to let people in on the gag if they don’t get the reference.

…and now it is in my head.

Literally came in here to post this.

+1 buddy.

This shirt, and write up, makes me sad :c

lol same here. high five