Not what I meant



I like the melancholy feeling I get from the little guy looking out the window. A Walmazan print always brings a smile to my face.


At least the in-flight meal is fish.


So happy to see this print! This was a must buy!


He should just be glad he got the window seat


The penguin’s body language is so wistful as he stares out the airplane window. Wishes don’t always turn out quite like we would like them to, but dreams are what sustain us during the mundane banality of daily life.

I think I understand how that penguin feels.


It could have been worse, he could be a flying fish now.


Comical and tragic, my favorite kind of Woot Shirts.


Wistful? Melancholy? Are we looking at the same shirt? You see those 3 lines above the penguins head? Those are to indicate surprise.


Memorizing the view. Nicely done.


In case you didn’t get the joke.

[Inspired by this in DWC]
[22:01] Captainsuperdawg: Not a fan of the shirt. Would be kinda hard to explain
[22:01] Captainsuperdawg: I have stupid friends

Edit: Fixed for Neuro.


And just offscreen, the walrus who wished for dinner.


This is, no joke, the most helpful thing any wooter could post daily. You’ve been here for like 3 years, so I’m sure you understand.

This could have saved years of misguided cries of racism, not to mention the continual “huh, I haven’t seen this TV show, therefore I don’t get it. Is this a Gilmore Penguins joke?”


It was supposed to be satire on how political cartoons explain way too much. If it gets a good response I might start doing this on nights I get bored with the other woots. Yes I’ll continue to use comic sans because it is the best font ever created.

Edit: Wait! I have the approval of the great Adder?!? I think this might become a nightly thing for me now. Dammit, gonna have to go to bed later now.


I must be one the the people Cap’n was talking about. Thanks, Dann.

shirt.woot people: I’d buy Dann’s version of the shirt.


His revision was better because it actually showed the surprise with more than just some lines.


It’s true… I do have stupid friends.


I so wish this was on the shirts I get from the random shirt days. This shirt I understand without explanation. A lot of the random shirts I get are over my head. Although it is fun to wear those around because random people will comment about how awesome my shirt is and that people just don’t get it these days! Lol


I really love this shirt. I also loved the other design but honestly I was going to be happy with either one printing. Yay walmazan!


Political cartoons of the sort you describe are, after probably Diesel Sweeties and Family Circus, the worst comics possible. That makes two approvals in one night. Some people haven’t gotten that many in their whole time here. And won’t.