Not You, Pluto

Waaah, poor Pluto. I still love you.

Poor Pluto. Love how the planets look though – and Pluto.

I’m not satisfied with the use of this meme. The planets were in order until the 5th box and then again after. The put Pluto in the middle to force it to fit the meme. Should have put “not you” on the 7th box around Uranus. “Out system has no many great not you planets.”

Sorry, but Pluto is still a planet where I live.

Meh… Were is Eris

Same here! But I still like the shirt. :slight_smile:

You hear about Pluto? That’s messed up.

yea, some places you can just ignore science I guess

Yeah, this is adorable, but I don’t get the order.

It’s an arbitrary definition, the “science” in this case was just voting to make a new definition where Pluto no longer fit.

Don’t you quit me, Pluto! Don’t you quit me.

You know that’s right

Planets are not ordered by orbits. Not scaled by size. Not even colored right.

I am NOT going to wear this shirt and risk having a 4th grader loudly correct my shirt in the grocery store checkout line.

Woohoo, thanks voters! I am surprise.

The meme layout, piggy in the middle style, is funnier and more mean spirited than a plain ordering. Stopping the sentence midway to diss poor Pluto… aw man. Heartless.


Congrats Spiritgreen!
Funny shirt. And the only order that matters today is how many!

But, this shirt just makes me sad… Why do you want me to be sad?

Ironically, I am wearing this today:

Hadn’t pulled that out of the drawer in months.

I like this shirt, but why is Pluto in the center?

Not only does it not makes sense based on physical location in the Solar System, but it the sentence flows better if it was on the end.