Not Your Father's Sports Drink

I was certain this design was a winner the moment I saw it. Yeah! Congratulations, oneshoeoff!!! :slight_smile:

“Not Your Father’s Sports Drink”?

Okay, who is responsible for missing the perfect opportunity to use the tag line “Let the hate flow through you”…

Bothers me a bit more than it probably should that it doesn’t follow the actual line: “I find your lack of ______ disturbing”

Ordered! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Great design oneshoeoff!

Thank you for saying that! Something was off about this, just could not put my finger on it. Too bad - otherwise, this WAS the shirt I was looking for.

Moving along.


I figured Vader drinks juice boxes but this is compelling. ;^)

Thanks all, and shout out to my kiddo who helped with this one. Re: the tag line, I hear you. I couldn’t find one that worked for everyone I asked, but this seemed to be the winner. Happy new years!

“I find your lack of electrolytes disturbing”


Totally missed an opportunity to make the background circle look like the death star…

Nice design :slight_smile:

I’d love to get this on a ladies tri blend tank!

Love this shirt.

It ran very small on the women’s Large. Seems more like a medium, I wonder if it was labeled wrong.

Which brand did you order?