Congrats on the print, but why did woot change the title?

Gorgeous. I wonder if the butterflies themselves are musical, or if the musician is expected to continue reading them and playing.

Ah, now this is bit better when compared to previous shirts.

so, I LOVE this :slight_smile:

My mom said she never pictured me wearing a shirt that turned pink and had butterflies… then I reminded her I am gay, lol

either way, this shirt is AMAZING! (PLUS, Chopin is pretty much one of my favorite composers!)

That writeup is weak, woot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats radiomode. Always nice to see a shirt of yours. :smiley:

I liked the brighter yellow in the comp. Is woot’s “lemon” a yellow color or a sandy brown color?

Bah. Grats on another print.

Purchased despite misgivings of how I’ll look in the yellow :slight_smile:

Congrats Radiomode! It’s so gracefully gorgeous.

i was starting to get scared that this wouldn’t print. it was the only one i REALLY wanted.

Dang, my kids and I really wanted the treble clef made out of notes. I do like this one better then the pirate though.

Great shirt. Just bought it.

I was kinda disappointed that Sounds Like Treble didn’t make the top 3. I really wanted that one.

Ordered. Nice job radiomode.

The ones I have from here are light lemon yellow not sandy.

This makes me as happy as a lemon shirt can make a person. And lemon’s a pretty happy color.

Not even slightly funny.

However, if I can convince myself to buy a yellow shirt, I may have to get this one.

I didn’t believe that they cut out Chopin’s heart and put in brandy … until I checked out Chopin’s biography. I’m shocked that Chopin is a vampire/zombie.

Never again will I doubt Woot.

The lemon color is the brighter one like in the original comp, don’t believe what you see right now… Silly woot

I’m not a huge fan of this. Can’t imagine ever wearing it. Find it a bit plain conceptually. But thank god it printed, even if it should have been first (with almost anything from outside the fog printing behind it).

Thank you, Radiomode, for continuing to muddle around over here at woot. You show what a professional looks like, and sometimes I feel like woot needs a reminder that professionals exist.