Sometimes when I’m playing music, I find it it is easy to get lost and “take off”. It’s kind of a transition from just playing notes on a page to playing music. At least that is my take on what radiomode is portraying with this design.

Beautiful shirt!!! got me one!

Love that this won over the cleft. Absolute beauty in a musical sence. The wife will love this one. Congrats…

I would have preferred Kraig’s design, but congrats anyways.

If I had that other X chromosome, I would definitely buy this, but as it stands I get joked on for looking like a girl too much as it is. I don’t think a shirt with butterflies on it would help my situation…

EDIT: Ok, I bought one for my little sister back home. Figured it was too great of a design for someone in my family not to be rocking it.

Seriously tempting but pink…yellow… augh… It’d be pretty horrid on me.

This, however, is an A+ shirt.

Thank you all! Now to prove if the yellow curse does exist…

Thank you very much for the info! I wanted the brighter color in the comp. And a special congrats to radiomode for pulling off the third place! I wanted this one to print so bad and I couldn’t be happier that it did.

I am SO glad this got printed! I wanted it so badly. I tend to hate Yellow, but this shirt just pulls me in.

Did anyone else think Woot was saying this was a woman’s shirt and that women should get back to the kitchen with the cooking comments? xD

Being a music major, I was really excited to see what this derby would bring. I think this shirt is pretty snazzy, and Chopin is one of my faves! Thanks Radiomode!

This shirt would be great for my little sister, as soon as I can find out what size she wears.

Lovely. Simply lovely. I got mine! Congrats Radiomode. Well played. :slight_smile:

You’d be pleasantly surprised at the amount of girls/women out there that would LOVE a dude with this shirt. Wear it with confidence and I’m sure the right ladies will notice. My wife is happy it’s coming for me…

Do you think my man card would get taken away if I wore this? I totally dig it, but pink butterflies…?

I’ll snag one for my sister, for sure though =)

Am I crazy or did the placement change just a little bit? The original shirt comp made it look like it was going to be a little bit wider…

Your username is deadlyblonde. Your man card has already been revoked. =P

I think that would depend on what size you are wearing

I really like the simplicity of this. It’s also great to see a good lemon shirt.

So glad this one made it. Music is Life wasn’t bad, but Music Pirate didn’t feel like a music shirt. It felt like a pirate shirt.


Butterfly in the sky…I can go twice as high…take a look…at this shirt.woot…it looks kinda like a rainbow…

Today’s Process:

1 AM


Click Shirt.Woot.

See current sale.

Mental jukebox immediately plays “I’ll fly away, oh glory.”

Love the shirt :PS