Notes to Self:

Geez, I need to water all my plants.
I need to clean out my fridge.
I need to buy new tags for the dogs.

Feel free to join in…
Or you can set fire to this thread, heh.

Ace, are you still here?


No sleepy tonighty, or up way early?

Heh, I don’t sleep any more, or eat.

Stress sucks, lol.


Good heavens, you’ll end up in the hospital! Whats stressing you?

Check your PMs

Ace, PM

Time to get the kids up and moving. See y’all later!

Sending love your way, ace

//strikes a match . . .

It is time.

ewww…AZ farted.

At least I lit a match.

And I appreciate it. But did you have to throw the match on the x-mass tree? You’re going to burn this thread down if you’re not careful.

sprays room with air freshner that smells like pine

That’s mighty fine, Texas Gal, mighty fine.

Everything I do is fine, Texas Guy.
I am so bored.

go out, have fun, party, make a guy lucky…

Another note to self:

Don’t call acedad.

I enjoyed Christmas eve with you. Who knows where we will be next year.