Nothing Says I Love You Like ...

Word of warning about the Power Rangers Pink Robe: I ordered this from woot a couple of weeks ago and I did not receive the exact item advertised. It did not have the emblem on the back of the pterodactyl (which was a primary reason for me ordering it). Hopefully it was a simple mistake, but be prepared if you decide to get it.

This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen on Woot for the Roku 3. We love ours, which makes the hulking old HD rear-projection set feel like a Smart TV, with internet and apps and streaming.

I bought the Dr. who sleep set in an XL and the pants are great but the shirt was about 3 sizes smaller than I had anticipated. Im not sure where to complain about this and I am loathe to discourage fellow whovians. I have not had enough experience with this product to make a sweeping statement, but I suppose I do imply a “fair warning” type announcement.

They are also the first pants I’ve seen with a chest measurement, so I guess your mileage may vary.