Notifications not working on app?

My notifications pane has stopped working in my Android app for about a week. It just sits and spins when I open it, or sometimes eventually says “you don’t have any notifications yet”. I’ve tried clearing data/reinstalling but that didn’t seem to help.

Apologies if I missed a memo, but has anyone else seen this? What can be done to fix this issue?

Hi there. Sorry for the problems. Could you try closing the app out of memory a few times. That will force an update if there is one.

If no luck, I’ll need some details

Device & version
OS & version
App Version


Thanks TT.

I cleared app data and cache and killed the app a few times in a row (I’m a pro at this… I lose the digital crap game a lot :wink:). It didn’t seem to help.

I’m on a Pixel XL
Running Android 10
App build version, update version v307

Before I put in a ticket to the devs, could you try removing and reinstalling the app?

And make sure your notification settings didn’t get changed by some gremlin.


No problem. Just uninstalled/reinstalled from the Google app store. App build and update versions appear same as before. Issue still persists.

To be clear, here are some screenshots:

I should add that my flagged posts, PMs and user settings seem unaffected.

Another oddity I noticed while replying:

And this one:

Seems like they might be related.

Thank you for all your help (and for everything else you do for the forums)!

I have been having this same exact problem with the app for about a week.

Notifications tab opens to a blank and just sits and spins.

Also tried closing, rebooting, killing all apps, uninstalling and reinstalling - no change.

iPhone 6+
iOS 12.5.4 - no updates available
Woot Version 4.6.1 - no updates available

Also, for about a month now, I have been unable to see gifs in the forum on the App, unless they are ones I posted myself.
Several other have reported this same issue on various other threads.


Oooooooooooooooh, it’s the forums. I totally missed that.

Try logging out of the forums.
Log out of woot.
Go to the forums and confirm you got logged out there.

Log back into woot.
Log back into the forums/app.


Thank you. Logged out and in app and forums as described. Still same issue.

Could you try logging out via a browser? The app logout doesn’t always work. I want to make sure you’re truly logged out of both. I’m wondering if it’s a syncing issue.

So make sure you show logged out on both before logging back in.

If you updated anything on Amazon recently, log out of there too.


Per your suggestion I did the following:
Logged out of forums
Logged out of woot
Went back and forth to confirm both logged out within the app
Killed the app and uninstalled
Logged into forums via browser
Checked forum notifications in browser (they work there)
Logged out of forums via browser
Verified not logged into Amazon on browser
Reinstalled woot app and logged into forums

Notifications still show the issue.

I had my wife log in on her account in my phone and notifications show the same issue on her account - interesting, and maybe suggests it’s an app issue?


Weird. Ok, let me ask the team. It’s working for me so this will be a hard one to find. :\


I followed all of the same steps as Dafrogman, same result - No change.


A big thank you in advance.

Maybe worth noting - @Wooter772326458’s iPhone 6, my OG pixel - these are not antiquated per se, but they’re not new-ish either. I wonder if some change went out and older phones can’t handle it for some reason.

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Thanks. I asked the Discourse team and they’re looking into it on their end. They had something similar a while back with a specific browser. They’re looking to see if it’s related.

I pointed them to this thread so they read all your feedback. :smiley:

Now we :crossed_fingers: and wait.


Hey guys, Discourse rolled out a fix. Could you please close your app (swipe out of memory) a couple times to force an update.

Let me know if things are working again.



YES! :+1:t2:
Ty, notifications are back :slight_smile:

(gifs are still MIA)


Works great for me! Thank you thank you to you and Discourse! I owe you a beer at the next happy hour (or at least a good laugh).

Also, is there a badge for saving the forums from certain notifipocalypse?




Oh cool! Where did that come from? I didn’t see it in the fake woot off.

Sadly, I’m about 2 days from being able to buy again. But it’s ok, I’m still stoked from having named “Bowl of Cannabis” on 4/20.