notifications on Facebook marketplace?

I just signed up and now have a Woot notification showing up on my Facebook marketplace feed.

It must be because I contacted Woot on FB. I have asked there as well.
I have muted and shut off all preferences I can find but it is still showing up.
How do I shut that off?

I seen that but thought it would shut off all my chats
I just tried it and think I’m good to go.

Well I spoke too soon
as I shut off notifications and messages
and it’s still popping up

Not sure how to fix it then. It’s something in Facebook. Sorry.

Yes I am sure it is.
I have posted on the Woot FB page asking for help but just get deleted.
I guess it wasn’t convenient for them to post there.
Would you have or be able to find a direct email to people who are in control of FB on Woot behalf?
Thank You

It’s not something we control. It’s something in FB. I suggest reaching out to FB.

I don’t disagree
I have sent a couple messages to FB at this point.
It hasn’t happened on any other site so I’m open to any help.

I’ve googled my little heart out. I haven’t found a solution. Sorry. :\