Nova Lighting & Decor

Hey AmaZoot gals and guys! (Okay, who uses those words these days?) For a $200 floor lamp, wouldnt it be nice to have the spec section detail the light bulb types that fit into these lamps, the watt-ages, incandescent versus fluorescent versus LED versus small nuclear reaction—(imagine Joe Pesci saying>> :slight_smile:
“and and and the accompanying photos to show the unit with the shade off and closeups of the bulb socket/fixtures themselves? The missing info all over the place is a “Logic Infraction” of epic proportion. Ding dong, anyone home???”

endoarts: I quickly looked at a few of the lamps and saw bulb information on the Features. Is there one you are looking at that doesn’t have this info?

Pick up Nova’s Torque Lamp and I would really be interested.