Nova Lighting

I just received the Silver Wave Floor Lamp and am a little disappointed that the entire lamp is silver rather than silver and black as shown in the picture and description (Metal Floor Light w/ Charcoal Finish).

I’m really sorry. If you feel like you received the wrong item, please email your order number, user name and situation to; they can take a look at your order and review your available options. Again, apologies.

I bought 2 lamps, paid for 2 lamps, and got 1 lamp a week ago. Contact woot support, had to wait a week for a reply. Today they told me to wait another 6 days to see if the other one comes in even though they only gave me 1 tracking number.

I responded, and got the auto-reply that they would get back to me in a week, and they assigned me a new case number! Their support system doesn’t even acknowledge previous contacts when I already have a case open.

Poor customer service, and now I have a mismatched lamp.

Ugh, I’m sorry. I’ve forwarded your info along; you should get a reply soon.

I got a response January 30 @ 1pm ET:

Subject: CRM:0017389

Hello Jason,

I’ve put in a request with our vendor who shipped those items to provide tracking information for the missing item, or to ship a replacement.

Once we hear back from our vendor, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Woot Member Services,


This is now 2 full business days later. How long does it take?

When I responded to the email above, it once again created a new case. How am I supposed to be able to follow up on an existing case?

This is a poor customer experience.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from your email inquiry and replacement order.

If/when they place the replacement order, they should email you once it’s shipped.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

You emailed me and I responded to case # CAS-615221-C5L1B6 which has now created case #CAS-617947-J8G6R6.

Each new time reply to you, t creates a new case, and each time it says you’ll take a week to respond. How am I suppose to reply to your questions and get anywhere with this problem?

Your support system is either broken or just plain worthless.

@anubis640: I’ll let them know you replied. Thanks!

Thanks, I responded to Case # CAS-615221-C5L1B6 / Case # CAS-617947-J8G6R6 again. This created Case #CAS-619438-Z8T1J8.

I’d appreciate another reply, please.

I’ll let 'em know. I feel like a ping-pong ball. LOL. Appreciate your patience.

According to Fedex, there is a 2nd tracking number for a box that has 2 labels on it. This MUST be my lamp. I need WOOT or Nova lamps, or somebody to contact them and tell them to send it to me. Obviously, they won’t listen to me as I have no way to prove it’s mine.

Ugh. I’ll let them know.

I haven’t heard anything back since my last post to you. This is really frustrating. I’ve been dealing with this since January 29th.

Today I called fedex and THEY are going to contact the shipper to try to get my package released for me.

Why am I even a woot customer? I pay $120 for a lamp, and I spend my time sending emails that don’t get answered, posting here with no response, and now tracking it down and making phone calls to do other people’s jobs for them.

I’ve seen positive posts for woot on “The Consumerist”, and terrible ratings for woot from the bbb. Now I know who I side with.

Responded again. Created new case #CAS-630606-T2G9K7

Still no resolution. Please respond.

woot emailed me back, but ignores details that I put my email to them. What good is 1 lamp when I need 2 that match?

This is poor customer service.