Novatel 6620L VerizonWireless 4G LTE Jetpack Mobile

I have this one !
I suggest you read my reviews over on Amazon under the 2 star reviews…It’s entitled…
Finally, a jetpack that delivers.! Buuuuuuttttttttttt…read edit.!, June 16, 2015

I’ve been using one for about two years and it’s been flawless anywhere I get a cellphone signal.

I never experienced the data gouging noted in the above referenced Amazon review.

You may not have experienced the data gouging, but Google has hundreds and hundreds of examples !
I finally even got one of their CSR’s to admit he was aware of this problem and he credited my acct another 3gigs !
The only solution was to replace the sim card !

Sorry if it seemed I was discrediting your issue. I would have been fed up too if that happened to me!

I was only saying my experience was different and it’s worked great for my needs.