Novatto: Sinks & Faucets

Are these the good quality faucets?

I’ve had two of square spout shaped faucets. Sorry to say, but I don’t recommend them. The glass portion is made by gluing layers together. You can see it, if you enlarge the pictures and check out the edges. Very shortly after use started, the glue became cloudy. At first, I thought it was a defect. I replaced it. Same exact thing happened. They really are quite beautiful, and very unique. The problem is, they look dirty when the glue goes hazy/cloudy.

I don’t think this would be a problem with the round waterfall faucet.

This might be a good time for me to go round.

Dang, Woot! Where were you when we were remodeling last winter!? I paid a fortune for new sinks and faucets!

Good luck trying to sell your house with these sinks…

We put two of these clear vessel sink water fountain faucets in our previous condo. Water spots galore!!! If you have hard water good luck keeping it clean. Neat novelty item if you never plan to use the sinks!!!