November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



Holy CRAP - a Sunday delivery!

My daughter absconded with the Woot! pen and “product of migration” t-shirt. My son snagged the ornithopter kit. That leaves me with:

  1. A whole lot of “Colts” ribbon, here in Philly.
  2. A pink skull cookie cutter and embosser (had to look that up)
  3. Some kind of serious plumbing drain fixture
  4. An artificial tree storage bag
  5. A bath scrubber with a big ass on it
  6. A fishing lure
  7. A black “American Apparel” t-shirt, large
  8. And of course the green Woot “Bag of Crap” bag.


I’m betting the other side of that pen says SKILLCRAFT-U.S. GOVERNMENT.



Received santa crap - box exactly same as standard crap from same wootoff

Cool medics wrap
Woot multi tool
Door stop
Girls sweater
Blank shirt
Woot light on carabiner
Cheap fitness band
Money clip - sadly no money
C batteries
Otter box for iPhone 6/6s - I literally have 50 or 60 iPhone 6/6s, this will make one of them happy
Grill brush - instant BIL gift
Woot shopping g bag <== always the pride of my groceries
Smart boxes
Star Wars glass - best dad ever
Woot monkey
Hippie flag - because I’m from Berkeley, right?
Last but not least - sennheiser RS-185 wireless headset




Hi there, another kat’!

I decided to take this to pm-land. So check your little avatar up top. And thanks. What a darling story with the cactus.

Seems that somebody got a blue brick, too.

I don’t care if it’s nice. Just not naughty. I’ve already proven twice now that even empty boxes in boxes don’t disappoint me.

Dang. I’m just impressed you even saw that adorable tiniest widdle scwewdwifer in the box! And I agree with wootevil.

I’m glad you specified. I was thinking, if I stored my Christmas tree in there it would be come a nasty fire hazard in a few weeks or so…



I’m actually envious of the scale… that’s a $200 scale. You can use it as a kitchen scale or for postage. Or, in many states now, for weighing out your “medicine”.


I laughed at that, too. Thought of cutting up a tree to get it in the bag. But then I remembered the body.


I got a blue one and a yellow one Kat!


I need one of those, im a mom and assistant manager shirts cause i am.


App game prize crap

Couple things for the kid, at least.


BOC LE full of disappointment!

Woot shirt Plushie
Woot multi tool
Door stop
Boys Tights
Blank shirt
Woot light on carabiner
Children’s Ninja turtles costume
Iphone 6 case
Twilight Forever (The complete DVD set)
Woot tote
Smart boxes
Star Wars glass - best dad ever
Woot monkey
Bluetooth Mouse
Stack of Spiral Notepads
New England Patriots Shirt
Amazon Fire 7

Overall a pretty good haul. Plenty of crap for the family :slight_smile:

Thanks woot!


My LE Boc came Friday night. It included:
Smart box containers
Woot light
Woot Mouse
Green Woot monkey
Woot pocket knife and case
Green Woot bag
IPhone 6 case
Blue baseball cap
Merry melon slicer
Denver Broncos gloves
1 LED candelabra light bulb
Shirt Woot with mini plushies
World’s Greatest Dad Darth Vader cup
Sleak stopper door stop
2 Wall hooks
One Princess Bride sticker
Spooky Castle board game
10 Led watches - one briefly lit up but none of them work
and best of all JBL Flip 3


My regular BOC included:
Redskins House flag
1 Large neon green tank top
12 piece stretch cord Set
Finishing Touch facial razer (can I give this to my sister for Christmas or would that just start something)
2 stainless steel bar spoons
lyfeLite Rechargeable Emergency LED Light bulb
a brown crap bag
Finding Dory toy
composition book
Woot pen
and my all-time favorite crap item ever, Winter Bigfoot wrapping paper


That is a great crap item


This is my LE BoC :sunglasses::grin::tada:
Contents include:

HIFI RS 185 Sennheiser Headphones
Woot Tote bag
Woot monkey
Woot led light mouse (very cool)
Woot pocket tool (pretty sturdy)
Woot keychain magnet light
Shirt woot mini plushies series 2
Certificate of Crapthenticity
Pard LED watches x10
Toland Art flag
Darth Vader glass “worlds greatest dad”
Labeling pocket self-adhesive x25
Phone covers x2
The princess bride sticker (I love it)
Sleek door stopper
NFL team emblem for cars
Smart box meal prep containers x8
Expandable galvanized gutter strainer
Nap time trucker hat

Thanks again woot! I think…


Got my BoC yesterday. So this seemed exactly catered to us! Kinda creepy actually… the goods:

• Xenomorph Dark Ale lightweight jacket - I’m looking to start brewing beer myself and it is just a little bit baggy. I’ll be wearing this all the time. (Will model later most likely so more pictures to follow)
• LED Camping Light
• Gorilla Glue - we were needing to buy some more here shortly.
• Orbeez Crush and Draw - immediately grabbed by the 14 year old who was familiar with it and set it up so she could play with it today with the 6 year old as well.
• Motivational poster “You can’t control others You can control yourself” - I handed it to the wife after getting a death glare and a “really? they really included this is our box?” Creepy amazon spying at play here?
• Math Wars cards - home schooled 6 year old is going to be running through the paces with this today.
• Vintage Greeting Cards - claimed by my step-sister who was visiting us from Florida. May be able to convert her to trying for the coveted BoC herself.
• ? Woot Bag
• Woot Pen - “Made you look” on one side, “Whose pen is this?” on the other
• Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Magical Movie Handbook
• inkspirations animal kingdom coloring book x2 - One staying with us and one going to Florida.
• Knife Protector - Don’t need it now, but it will see use eventually.
• Sidewalk Paint Kit - Probably going to get used today as well by the 6 year old.
• Texas Tech Red Raiders IKAT Tote - We’re in Colorado, but a tote’s a tote.
• Clothes hamper - 8 people in the house, so lots of clothes.

No letter, but who knows, maybe next time? Just definitely glad to see them return again.


The regular BoC (no such thing)
Contents are:

Under armor shoes size 16 (woah)
Microban luxury shower heads
Dayton flyers dart board with magnetic darts
MLB KC earrings
Bigfoot stickers (to go with the shoes)
Neon green tank top Large
Paper plates
Present ribbon
Cosmetic organizer
Finding dory toy
Woot pen (hilarious)
Woot ? paper bag

Thank you :+1: pretty decent box


So bchlor’s count is off. There’s at least SIX bricks folks have received. But–can y’alles still make the tourney?

“woah” indeed. I didn’t know feet came in 16s.



Ah, the craps of November. This was a pretty good BOC though!

Cloth BOC bag
? bag
Bigfoot gift wrap (pretty cool)
Bigfoot gift tags
Batcat shirt
Flameless candles
Navy fleece blanket
5" locking vice grip w/attached tools (favorite crap)
2016 Stanley Cup Penguins bottle cozy
4" light glowstick
Woot pen
Finding Dory toy
Metallic bows
How to Catch an Elf book
Finishing Touch facial hair trimmer
Raybans (really nice pair)

So all in all, not too crappy! However, the cat was not impressed.

Until we Woot again!


Your giving your kid ice shot glasses?! Such a cool parent!!!


My LE BOC BOC (actually just my LE BOC, but love the way that sounds). And since I also scored a BOC I’ll post later, figured I’m entitled to say it that way).

The Certificate
An oddly matched set - different teams, but color-coordinated
Browns scarf
Panthers hat
Rams gloves
Always handy Woot shopping bag
Most of a hummingbird feeder (anybody got the red base?)
Cute little hanger for a 1st birthday

Cat (my cat, on shirtwoot! box) is NOT amused. Likely the Noble Works greeting card. I admit I laughed at it, but doubt I know anybody to whom I could send something so risqué
Christmasy bottle topper on my wine bottle
Shirtwoot! Series Two mini-plushie after guzzling my wine
My Darth wine glass (well, I shared with Shirtwoot! as he/she/? didn’t want to drink alone)
Screaming monkey who also shared above bottle
Noble Works greeting card (come to think of it, above wine guzzling/guzzlers might have also offended Cat)
SmartShake - maybe should have tried this instead of wine, even has separate compartments for pills and snacks
Woot repair-all tool
Woot mouse - anxious to try as I’m really tired of changing batteries on wireless
Woot keychain
SmartBOX double bin meal containers (8)
3M safety glasses (2 pair)
Door stopper (just empty box as real thing is already controlling “drifting shut” door)
XL one of those “M” state hats - I think MO, but works for me in MN. Also works for big-heads that run in my Scandihovian family
Blue Imperial Defense Systems hat - might have to actually pay $ for matching shirt
Lock Laces (2 packs) - match blue hat above
Black Galaxy XL polo shirt (for my XL brother so I can share the disappointment)

(I’ve invited son over to help me figure out how to use these. If we can’t, will invite grandsons. Son tells me I scored … ?)
Plant is mine
Pink 6G iPhone case
Apple MagSafe 2 60W Magnetic Power Adapter (I determined by searching web for serial # on device)
Echo Plus (1st Gen) with built-in Hub – Black - sealed new package
Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones - open-box package
Cat said “No comment”

Thank you Woot (I think? My son will let me know whether I’m to be grateful or disappointed)