November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



Do you happen to have a need for this? And if not, are you willing to part with it?


So my bag of crap contained absolute crap. Even a pile of crap! Lightbulbs I cannot use, a size small t-shirt (which I’m always buying tshirts from woot so y’all know my size), a Halloween Elmo thing, a rubber mallet guess so I can hit someone over the head with it, a light up bear thing, some pink socks (man I hate pink), a FSU Seminole knitted beanie hat thing (Go Gators), a battery case for an iPhone 7 (android peeps). Oh and shone fancy letter saying to post it to here.


Thanks woot! Weirdest thing I got was the bright yellow piece of wood.


Is the yellow piece of wood weirder than the lumpy brown stuff in the lower middle? That looks like a bag of potatoes??



*hint hint * I strongly suggest you reread the letter and follow the directions exactly. :wink:


Oh, it also had a phrase you’re supposed to add in your post. A promise to come back and post what we send you. You will, right? You won’t let me down? Especially since you seem less than enthusiastic. You know, crap? It’s crap. You bought it.


Alrighty, well teamed up with my Black Friday Boc, was what the French call sac de m*rde édition limitée, or LeBoc. I had to star a letter out because that literal translation is not so nice, hehe.

#Woot #BagofCrap

  • Woot! Certificate of Crapthenticity
  • Woot! Green Bag
  • Woot! Multicolor LED Mouse
  • Woot! Flashlight Key chain
  • Woot! multi-tool
  • Woot! Flying Monkey - Green Cap!
  • Shirt Woot! Mini Plushies
  • Napolex LED Bar
  • Politix iPhone glass protector
  • Sydney iPhone 6+ Case
  • Smart Box Food Containers
  • Sleek Door Stopper
  • Woot! Sticker
  • STM iPad Protective Sleeve
  • Everyday Mathematics Workbook
  • Denver Bronco’s Knitted Gloves
  • Waterford Twine Bed Linens
  • Chocolate/Soap Dreidel Mold
  • Sterilite Food Container
  • Pill Bottle
  • 4 pack of 3.5 mm / RCA cables
  • Kindle E-Reader - 6" Glare Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi, Built-In Audible and includes Special Offers (hahaha, I read more about what that means, well, isn’t that special).

Anyways, what can I say, some good crap that made me laugh and some good crap that I can use.

The one thing I can say, is regardless of whether I have received a crap crap or an above average crap, it is always fun!

Thanks again Woot!



OK… so this was one of the strangest BravoOscarCharlie’s I’ve gotten in quite a while!

Contents Are As Follows:

  • 1x Mossy Oak Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt, size 2XL
    I know that I have gained a few pounds since we met Woot, but come on… really!?!
  • 1x Arizona Cardinals National Football Conference t-shirt, size XL
    OK… that’s a little better, but still… I guess you’re trying to tell me that I need to go on a diet :crying_cat_face:
  • 1x cardboard accordion file folder
    ummmm… not even sure what to say about this one!
  • 1x Falcon Sports Horn
    Yeah, because people don’t already tell me that I make too much noise as it is!
  • 1x Food Storage Containers Lunch Kit, 2 pack
    Now this is a useful item. One can never have too many storage containers!
  • 1x Porcelain LED Teddy Bear Night Light
    Now I can stop leaving the lights on when I go to sleep!
  • 1x pair 3M safety glasses
    All kidding aside, I actually can use these in the shop
  • 1x 20amp outlet socket
    Strange item in a Woot box, but I buy these things in bulk, so… YAY!!!
  • 1x Counter-Gravity System for Paintbrushes
    I’m not sure why on Earth your paintbrush needs to be “balanced” but… okaaaaayyyyy…
  • 1x Ribbons and Bows
    meh, it is Christmas, so these will go to use
  • 1x Studio Acrylics High Viscosity Paint, Yellow Ochre
    I do enjoy painting, but… there ain’t too much you can do with just one color Woot!
  • 1x Bouncing Clay
    I guess this’ll make a cue gift for one of the kiddies
  • 1x FPV Monito 12v DC Cable Male BEC to Power Plug w/ Adapter
    So… I have no idea *what this is supposed to be for, but I can always use spare power connectors!
  • 1x Woot Pen
    OMG! I just noticed the pull out banner! Too cute!
  • 1x Obligatory Bag
  • 0x Woot Monkeys
  • 0x Woot Letter
    I’m still waiting patiently Woot :wink:

So, that’s my story and I am sticking to it!


I repent of my late posting of my Limited Edition Birthday Bag of Crap and therefore I give you my Limited Edition Black Friday Bag of Crap:

  • Certificate of Crapthenticity
  • Woot! Bag, in Classic Woot! Green
  • Woot! USB Mouse Pictured Unopened in Bigger White Box
  • Woot! Flashlight Key Chain
  • Woot! Pocket Knife Pictured Unopened in Smaller White Box
  • Woot! Flying Monkey - Green Cap!
  • Shirt Woot! Mini Plushies of an Angry/Annoyed Cat
  • Deego iPhone 6 case Picturing a Sparkly Pink Shoe
  • Orange Weird Watch
  • Christmas Gift Bag
  • Smart Box Food Containers, Pack of 8 Pictured Unopened in Cardboard Box
  • Sleek Door Stopper
  • Princess Bride Sticker
  • iPad Pro Case
  • New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII Champions Shirt/Hoodie, Size Large
  • “Worlds Best Dad” Star Wars Glass
  • Rawlings Utah Utes Football
  • Plain Grey Shirt, Size Small
  • NFL Broncos Money Clip
  • Tenq 6.5" UHF Antenna
  • Mana Outdoors Lightweight Hammock, Color is Blue/Grey
  • fire tv stick 4K

I was not disappointed until I saw others getting Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones in their LE Crap and seeing my wife walking around the house wearing her Sennheiser RS 185 Headphones rocking out to her music. She won’t even let me try them on. Such is marriage.


I’m loving the love these pens are receiving. A lot of fussing and arguing went into getting them created. :\


So the return of the letters seems to be going well, right? I’m sure the poster today will get their special phrase thing posted.

I hope it’s all going better. I know TT and Kristen in the warehouse put a lot of effort into this stuff. And they really outdid themselves in the LE BOCs this time around, too.

A big thanks to TT and everyone else involved.




Too bad, I think you’re just a bit too late to join the others at the Jenga tourney.

I believe that isn’t what it said to do. Might wanna look at it again. Unless you really don’t want more? At which point, TT can you reassign to someone else who does want more?

For real, if you have no use for this then I do. My bro was just talking at dinner today about getting an airhorn. Something about somebody keeps falling asleep at church and threatening the guy with an airhorn, “and you know I’ll do it!” Totally hoping I get an airhorn in my Box! Or that you’ll do tradesies.



If you don’t get one, just send me your address and I will send this your way :slight_smile:


The pens are cool. I can’t wait to use mine at the next company round table.


Oh hey, that’s so awesome of you, Taz! It’ll be the best Christmas present of the day. And that includes my oldest niece getting her CrapWrap®. And a double-handled sock monkey mug from Grandma (yes, I’m giving gifts from my Momma–she already had them bought, so I might as well give them in memory of her)

My Box (first Box??) should arrive tom. It went from Lenexa (where the hub is) to Edgerton (where…uhm…the other hub is I guess? The one that never serviced my home in the past? Unlike Lenexa which is where all previous UPS packages came from?) If it doesn’t have one, then perhaps the mystery second (??? ??) Box will. Although I’ve no idea yet when it might arrive–I have a label created and tracking info, but nothing else yet.



My $50 of carpiness arrived! I got:
Certificate of Crapthenticity
woot! bag
smart box - reusable containers
darth Vader glass
plastic drawer organizer
shirtwoot! mini plushies (goat)
door stop
asics womens socks
glass single candle holder
two blank dog tags
single drawer knob
woot monkey with green cape
small woot light on keychain
small woot multitool
pair of jig fishing lures
Ozaki Sydney iphone 6 plus case
red gift bag
seahawks beanie (ugh)
fox? hat
pair of nylon 40x30 pants
and the creme de la creme:
1 set of Philips Hue refurb light bulbs
1 new echo dot gen 3
1 pair of Rayban kids sunglassses (fit my youngest just fine)

Not to rub it in, but I am still awaiting the $10 one that I got. This was awesome, thanks woot!


If they don’t like the crap I’ll gladly accept on their behalf and I’ll post what you send me!!!


That’s great you’ll be giving the gifts she bought. My grandmother died in early December several years back and we honestly didn’t know what to do with the gifts she’d bought for us. Mom wrapped them all and we opened them on Christmas Eve. It was bittersweet.


Looks like the back massager in the bag is a relatively unique item. Miami hurricanes shirt, plain black v-neck, nautical coloring book, dress along dolly rain outfit for an american girl doll, rubber mallet, 600 feet of fishing line, keychain with magnet and bottle opener, drawer pull, pen, and green bag. Woot!